Tom Brady reveals naysayers, doubters keep him motivated

Brady shocked the NFL world in 2020 when he parted ways with the Patriots to join the Buccaneers. He joined a team with talented wide receivers and a solid defense. He also brought Rob Gronkowski along for the ride. He told Strahan in an interview on “좋은 아침 미국” set to air Wednesday it was the naysayers that kept him going.

더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. .

I was always kind of motivated by people that say, ‘You can’t do it.’ 알 잖아, ‘You’re not good enough, you’re not fast enough, not big enough, you’re not good enough arm,’” Brady said. “I’ve had a body of work over a period of time, so you know, you just say, hey [과] quickly you forget.

Brady added: “I think that’s a great part about football. It’s not really about what you did last year, it’s kind of what you’re going to do this year, so for me it was what I was going to do for the Bucs last year. I still feel that way.


Brady was a big part of the Buccaneers’ run to the Super Bowl this season. Tampa Bay outmatched the Kansas City Chiefs and Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title.

It doesn’t appear retirement is in the cards for Brady. The legendary quarterback vowed he would be back next season.

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