Tom Brady was unsure where New England was when the Patriots drafted him in 2000

Tom Brady was unsure where New England was when the Patriots drafted him in 2000

汤姆·布雷迪 told a funny story about the time he was drafted by the 新英格兰爱国者.

By now, everyone knows the Patriots selected Brady with the No. 199 overall pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL选秀. Brady told reporters Thursday he didn’t initially know where New England was.


I didn’t even know where New England was when I got picked by New England – that was always a funny story. They called me and said, ‘You’ve been picked by New England.’ 我像, ‘That’s amazing! Where is New England?’ I landed in Providence [罗德岛], which really screwed me up because that’s not even in Massachusetts,” Brady said.

While recalling his 20 years with the Patriots, he said choosing to sign with the 坦帕湾海盗 was a great decision.


t was a great 20 years and at the end of the day, I had an opportunity to become a free agent. I evaluated different opportunities and just tried to make the best possible decision for myself and my family. I chose Tampa and it’s just been an amazing experience. The only thing that’s been difficult is just haven’t been able to meet [a lot of people],” 他说.

There’s a lot of people in here that I never really had a chance to get to know. Certain players on defense that I just don’t know very well [因为] we’re not able to be together in certain rooms, we’re not able to eat together, we’re not able to travel well [和] we don’t get the normal camaraderie that you have on a normal team. Under the circumstances, we’re all doing the best we can do and it’s been a tricky year in that sense. Going to try to go do my best like I always do to try to finish the job this coming week.

Brady will be appearing in his 10th Super Bowl and if the Buccaneers can beat the 堪萨斯城酋长, he will have obtained his seventh ring.