Tom Cotton blasts liberal leaders' radical 'COVID theatrics' on 'Kilmeade Show'


TOM 코튼: This is a counterproductive overreach by Bill de Blasio. 그, like a lot of other Democratic mayors and governors, seem to be engaged in COVID theatrics to see who can have the most radical proposals. 다시, there’s lots of people who haven’t been vaccinated who have sound reasons not to be vaccinated, either they’ve… had the coronavirus before, so their antibodies are probably at least as strong if not stronger, or perhaps they are allergic to some of the ingredients in these vaccines. These kind of one size fits all mandate hammers simply do not work. They probably deter some people from getting vaccines just because of outrage over the overreach.

Another thing Brian we’ve seen in recent months is more and more evidence becomes clear that the vaccines do go do a pretty good job of stopping the worst results, which is hospitalization or even death. 운수 나쁘게, they don’t seem to be quite as good a job in contracting the virus, especially spreading the virus. It looks from the evidence I’ve seen that persons who are vaccinated, if infected, spread the virus at almost the same rate as persons who are unvaccinated, which means you’re at no greater risk vaccinated or unvaccinated from someone who is vaccinated or unvaccinated. So why would we be going to such great lengths to threaten people’s livelihoods for these mandates if the persons who are unvaccinated are really only posing a greater risk to their own health and the worst outcomes for themselves? 다시, it’s kind of COVID theatrics from people like de Blasio and the governor of Oregon and other places who are talking about things like perpetual and indefinite mask mandates or now vaccine mandates for all persons with a job whatsoever.

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