Tom Cotton blasts White House on lack of Afghan refugee vetting: 'Joe Biden screwed it up'


TOM 코튼: Joe Biden screwed it up coming and going. 먼저, we left a lot of people in Afghanistan who should have gotten out. 둘째, we brought a lot of people out who we shouldn’t have brought out. People who had no particular attachment to the United States, who hadn’t fought with our troops. You’ve seen the 보고서 now of a young female soldier being assaulted at Fort Bliss in El Paso, or sex offenses by Afghan men at Fort McCoy and other offenses.

There’s really no vetting. It’s hard to do in Afghanistan. That’s one reason it took so long because you’ve got to go interview people face to face. 내말은, Afghanistan is a third-world country. You don’t just call it the FBI or the high school, or the local police. So we have almost no way to vet these people. The Biden administration is taking their name, if it is their name, and testing It against databases, and if they don’t come back, 마치, 잘, they must be fine to go. It’s basically whoever was able to get into the airport, especially in those first chaotic days after the fall of Kabul. 다시, we have no idea who these people are.

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