Tom Algodón: Coca-Cola should be ashamed of 'disgraceful bootlicking' of Chinese Communist Party

Algodón: We had a hearing yesterday that was disgraceful and patheticone of the most pathetic hearings I have seen. Corporate spokesmen coming up whose corporations sponsor the genocide winter Olympics in Beijing next year and they wouldn’t say a single word that was negative about the Chinese Communist Party.

Coca-Cola was particularly appalling because, por supuesto, James Quincey their CEOwho I don’t even think is an American citizen, they can never confirm that he is or isn’t an American citizen so he may be a foreigner – sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong in Georgia’s election reform law when Coca-Cola is in the business of selling sugary beverages. They’re not in the business of running election laws. Yet they’ll go out of their way to attack Democratically-elected legislators in a state like Georgia. Yet they won’t utter a word about the kind of most grotesque kind of genocide against religious ethnic minorities in China or anything else that would cost them a single dollar.

James Quincey and Coca-Cola should be ashamed of the pathetic performance they had at that hearing yesterday and their disgraceful bootlicking of the Chinese Communist Party.


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