Tom Cotton: Democrats are realizing how unpopular their agenda is

AOC’s Civilian Climate Corps, drug price controls, tobacco taxes in Dems’ $ 3.5T ‘infrastructure’ bill

TOM COTTON: I think the House is going to have to vote so late tonight because Nancy Pelosi and her radical Democratic left are out looking for the tree around the Capitol on which all this free money grows. I mean, Joe Manchin put it well today. They want to transform this country with their socialist agenda. I mean, between the $ 2 trillion bill they passed in March, the trillion dollar infrastructure bill they want now, and even if you go with Joe Manchin, he’s proposed $ 1.5 trillion welfare bill. That would still be $ 4.5 trillion of spending, Brian. That’s taxes on every family in America, that’s spending for illegal aliens, and welfare for deadbeats who won’t even look for work, much less work. I think the Democrats are realizing just how unpopular their agenda is. And that’s one reason why Nancy Pelosi is struggling to corral those votes. 


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