Tom Cruise's 'Risky Business' Porsche sold for record $  2 miljoen

A 1979 Porsche 928 used in the making of the Tom cruise getref “Risky Businesswas sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Houston on Saturday for $ 1.98 miljoen, setting a record for the model.

(Warner Brothers/Getty Images and Barrett-Jackson)

The gold V8-powered coupe was one of four that appeared on camera and served as the so-calledhero carfor exterior shots with Cruise behind the wheel.

It took a little effort to get him there. The 20-year-old Cruise didn’t know how to drive with a manual transmission and had to be taught in this very car by producer Jon Avnet, according to the documentaryThe Quest for RB 928.The film recounts the search for the car, which had disappeared from the public eye into private ownership before being rediscovered and turned into a celebrated Hollywood artifact.


The car had been repainted for the production and several times afterward, but has been restored to its on-screen color and retains its original interior. The signatures ofRisky Businessactors Bronson Pinchot, Joe Pantoliano, Curtis Armstrong and Francine Locke can be found within it, but it’ll be up to the new owner to track down Cruise for his autograph.

The Porsche had previously been sold in 2012 for just $ 49,000 and would likely be worth less than $ 80,000 if not for its provenance. The high bid at Barrett-Jackson was $ 1.8 miljoen, with the auction fees pushing the final sale to $ 1.98 miljoen.

As for the other three cars featured in the film, one was sold overseas years ago and no record exists of another, while the final car, watter (spoiler alert) ended up in Lake Michigan, was just a body without an engine or transmission.




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