Tomi lahren: Biden is 'controlled' by the left, La salida de Afganistán hizo que los enemigos se rieran de Estados Unidos.

“Por si te lo preguntabas, la situación en Afganistán no ha mejorado y solo ha empeorado,” ella dijo. “Los talibanes han invadido el país, the former Afghan leadership high-tailed it out of there, residents are desperately trying to flee and about 10,000 Americans are still stranded in that godforsaken desert.

Lahren said Biden should have taken time to address the mounting crisis during a COVID-19 actualizar, but rather focused onmasking your children.

He walked off without taking a single question – a single freakin’ question – from the media and without addressing Afghanistan at all, whatsoever,” ella dijo.

Lahren said that Biden’s performance has proven that he ispuppeteered and controlled” por la izquierda, causing our enemies on the world stage to laugh in our face.

She also criticized Biden for the failure of leadership that led to thousands of Americans being stranded in Afghanistan with little U.S. apoyo, comparing the president to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

If President Trump was at the helm I can guarantee you the messaging out of the Trump White House would be a death warning to every single member of the Taliban should a single American be killed or harmed trying to evacuate,” ella dijo.

Everything about this administration is an utter disgrace and voters, I hope you are taking notes,” ella concluyó.

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