Tomi Lahren: Big Tech telling conservatives to ‘shut upwith Parler ban

Tomi Lahren: Big Tech telling conservatives to 'shut up' with Parler ban

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren issued a scathing condemnation of Apple, Amazon and Google’s suspension of the 社交媒体 platform 说话 在星期一, 讲 “Outnumbered” 那 大科技 is essentially telling conservatives toshut up.

She added that conservatives need to tell Big Tech, “We will not shut up.

TOMI LAHREN: What Big Tech is essentially is telling us and the Democrats on the left are telling us is, ‘Shut up or else, shut up or else we will deplatform you, shut up or else we will censor you, shut up or else we will take away any of the other platforms that you created. Shut up.’

They don’t want us to talk about election integrity. They don’t want us to talk about voter fraud. They don’t want us to talk about 特朗普总统. They don’t want us to talk about conservative values and principles all together.

And I know there are some people that would say, ‘Oh no there’s others that are still on Twitter. Mitch McConnell is still on there.’ No, but you are forgetting that there are so many other Americans out there that are terrified already of saying anything and their one outlet, because they were never going to be touched by the mainstream media, was social media and now they’ve taken away Parler.

This is a clear message to conservatives: 闭嘴. And we need to send a clear message back: We will not shut up. They need to understand that. If we need to keep making platforms and do it in a responsible and safe way, we’ll do it and hopefully someone will come out of the woodwork.

I know there’s been a lot of talk about Elon Musk and others who are able to possibly create a platform that is safe, that is responsible, that is respectful that gives a voice to everyone, not just conservatives, not just those on the left, but to everyone, the way 推特 was supposed to operate, but never did.


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