Tomi Lahren accusa Kamala Harris di non aver visitato il confine meridionale

Vice President Kamala Harris completed her first photo op – I mean international trip to Guatemala and Mexico this week to discover the ‘root causes’ of the border crisis,” l'ospite di Fox Nation ha detto.

That’s a whole 1,308 miles from the place she should have visited – our southern border – but hey, who’s counting, destra?” ha continuato.

Lahren also slammed Harris for saying that she had visited the southern border and likening it to visiting Europe, in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, noting the Vice President lookedangry and perturbedthat Holt would ask her why she hadn’t visited the border.

“un, Mi scusi, Kamala, I know you and your administration as a whole are not used to being questioned about anything of substance, or anything at all for that matter, but you were asked a very valid and very legitimate question to which you didn’t answer and instead laughed at,” Lahren continued.

Lahren noted that Harris did not need to visit Mexico and Guatemala to uncover the “cause profonde” of illegal migration.

We know what’s causing the issue at the border and so do you – you just don’t want to see it!” Lahren ha detto.

“Democratici, is this the future of your party?” lei chiese, referencing speculation that Democratici are preparing Kamala Harris to run for president

Lahren also said that the surge at the southern border is because of Biden and Harris’ policies.

“Gente, this dog and pony show might appear to be just an unorganized and underprepared circus but make no mistake, the Biden AKA Harris administration is not shocked at what is happening at our border, is not dismayed, distraught or dumbfounded as to why hundreds of thousands are pouring over each month,” lei disse.

They issued the cattle call and it’s not a crisis worth acknowledging for them because it’s an opportunity they’re coyly, quietly and corruptly exploiting.

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