Tomi Lahren blasts 'vile excuse for a human being' Maxine Waters for 'inciting violence' in Minnesota

LAHREN: All the left has been wanting to talk about for the last several months is January 6, a single day. Let’s recall that Donald Trump was deplatformed from all of social media for encouraging his supporters to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard. 

Contrast that with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is a vile excuse for a human being, and a disgrace to herself and Congress. She’s out there actually inciting violence, possibly tampering with the jury, because she’s saying, “If we don’t get the outcome we want, we should get more confrontational.” This is not the first time she’s done this. So absolutely she needs to be held to account. I wish Nancy Pelosi was the one to do it. I wish we would trust the jury in this case. But we have to go back to an issue that’s the core of what’s happening in the country right now and that’s the issue of compliance and noncompliance.

The left wants to make everything with regard to officer-involved shootings about race. It’s not about race. It’s about compliance. These are tragic situations and nobody wants to see them happening, including law enforcement. If these suspects, these victims, would have complied with police officers, they would be alive to go home to their families, and so would the officers. If people like Maxine Waters really cared about Black lives, she would be encouraging calm and encouraging people not to resist arrest. At the end of the day she’s  inciting violence. It’s disgusting and she needs to be held to account.


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