Tomi lahren: Cuban protests should remind Dems that 'no one flees to socialism, only from it'

“El pueblo de Cuba no está saliendo valientemente a las calles para protestar por un gobierno más grande, eso es seguro,” Lahren said on her Fox Nation show “Pensamientos finales” el martes.

Cuba is going through the worst economic crisis in decades and it has everything to do with its government and more specifically, form of government.,” Ella continuó.

Lahren said it’s no coincidence that socialismleading to a communist dictatorship, is the form of government the radical Leftists in our own country have been edging us closer to and with unsettling success- especially in the last 6 months of Shadow President Biden’s…administration.

Now the Democratic radicals and self-proclaimed socialists like Bernie, AOC, y equipo will tell you their brand of socialism is different, that it’s what they calldemocratic socialism,” she argued.

Don’t be fooled, there is no such thing as ‘democratic’ socialism because those 2 words in it of themselves are antithetical to one another.

What those wannabe-socialist Demócratas won’t admit is that socialism always starts with the promise of free things, the promise that government and those who lead it will take care of you, that the rich and the capitalistic free-market system is your enemy.

“Y,” ella concluyó, “if we don’t protect, defend and maintain our uniquely American rights, values and freedoms there will be nowhere to flee to.


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