Tomi lahren: Free the fireworks

As a proud native of the great state of South Dakota, I must say it is an absolute abomination the Biden administration blocked the fireworks show that was set to take place at Mt. Rushmore this Independence Day weekend,” ella dijo.

Dakota del Sur Gobernador. Kristi Noem has told Fox News that following Del presidente Biden elección, the National Park Service has denied her permit request to have fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, citing environmental and indigenous rights concerns. Lahren didn’t buy it.

This is Biden’s America now, and in Biden’s America, all fun, festive and patriotic things are pooped on,” ella dijo.


The Fox Nation host said the Biden administration’s reasoning for not granting the permit wasa ‘B’ for ‘BS’.

Naw, I think it is much more likely that this decision was politically motivated,” ella continuó.

Our belief is truly that it was political,” Gobernador. Noem told Fox News. “I believe the Biden administration pulled the fireworks from us to be punitive. They did not like us hosting it last year in the middle of COVID.

They did not like the fact that President Trump was here celebrating with us,” ella continuó. “They’re doing it for arbitrary reasons.

Yup, methinks that has a whole heck of a lot to do with it,” Lahren agreed. “It’s not ‘en vogue’ to celebrate America, much less the Founding Fathers who helped build it.

Lahren also noted that Biden’s refusal to allow fireworks could have a negative impact on South Dakota’s economy.

Outside of agriculture, tourism is our biggest industry in South Dakota,” ella dijo. “By taking away these fireworks the administration is robbing local businesses of a great deal of revenue – once again punishing the little guy to make a political point.

What a bummer and what a disappointment,” ella concluyó. “Biden’s America strikes again.

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Fox News’ Matt Leach and Matt Wall contributed to this report.




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