Tomi Lahren on the appearance that drew backlash, protests from 'anti-free speech liberals' in 'Back the Blue'

As seen in the special, Lahren delivered a scathing rebuke to the “snowflakes” attempting to shut down the event, reaffirming that she would not be deterred from speaking at the South Carolina-based University.

“They condemned it and me. They tried to cancel it. When that didn’t work they attempted to sabotage the event with fake ticket signups. When that didn’t work they tried to run up the security cost,” Lahren said. “Well guess what, snowflakes? I will be speaking at Clemson tonight come hell, high water — or anti-free speech college liberals.”

One female member of Turning Point attending the event praised Clemson for being steadfast in their staunch support of free speech while simultaneously attempting to remain “bipartisan” amidst the backlash.    


“It’s so rare that you find a college campus where the administration so boldly supports free speech, and that is what the administration has done through the whole thing,” she said.

However, not everyone was as thrilled about the University’s decisions.

Video from the event showed large groups of protesters, holding signs that read, “protect your students,” “enough forgiveness and tolerance,” and “blue lives murder.”

At one point the protesters could be heard chanting, “get your knees off our necks.”

One Black female protester told Fox Nation that she was “appalled” and “shocked” by the administration’s decision to allow the event.

“It’s an event that goes against the email sent by James Clements when he said that he supported our students of color, that he respected them, and that in no way shape or form would he allow racism here on campus,” claimed another female protester.

She also said that the event itself was “racism,” but asserted that the event’s message was the cause of their protest, not Lahren. 

Two other Turning Point members at the event recalled an incident where protesters yelled at Black attendees, calling them “traitors.”

“For a group of people that don’t like generalizing other people, they do a whole lot of generalizing about us,” one of the students said in rebuttal. 


Despite the onslaught of backlash, the event did occur as Lahren promised. 

Upon her entrance to the stage, Lahren thanked the audience, riffed on her disdain for socially distanced events, and addressed her critics:

“I know there were a lot of people that really, really did not want us here, so I appreciate you guys being here—even the ones that hate me that are in the audience,” Lahren said. 

She added that perhaps some of her speech would resonate with her opposition, but quipped that she wouldn’t be offended if it didn’t. 

“They tried to cancel this, and they tried to cancel me, and they tried to cancel you, and they don’t like free speech,” she continued.

Lahren went on to discuss how the U.S’ youngest generation “asks for fewer rights,” the rioting that occurred in the summer of 2020, and, of course, “backing the blue.”

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