Tomi Lahren praises liberal comic Bill Maher after rant about young Democrats' 'stupid ideas'

マハー, 65, 彼のプログラムで言った “リアルタイム” that young progressive Democratspraise for Communism, 社会主義, 法執行機関等の廃止は “愚か” 危険です.

You know why advertisers in this country love the 18 に 34 demographic? Because it’s the most gullible. ええ. A third of people under 35 say they’re in favor of abolishing the police: Not defunding. But doing away with a police force altogetherwhich is less of a policy position and more of a leg tattoo,” said Maher.

Thirty-six percent of Millennials think it might be a good idea to try Communism. But much of the world did try Communism. I know Millennials think that doesn’t count because they weren’t alive when it happenedBut it did happen. And there are people around who remember it. Pining for Communism is like pining for BetaMax or MySpace. So when you say, ‘You’re old, you don’t get it,’ — Get what? Abolish the police and the border patrol and capitalism and cancel Lincoln?”

“番号, わかった. Problem isn’t that I don’t get what you’re saying, or that I’m old. The problem is that your ideas are stupid.

オン “最終的な考え,” Lahren said Maher was on point for most of that monologue, save for the portion where he characterized Biden as an elderly man who therefore is well-traveled enough to bethe right man for the moment.

“ビル・マー- like most liberal comedians- is far from right most of the timeand I mean that both ideologically and factually,” Lahren said. “だが, every once in a while even a blind squirrel finds a nut and Bill did that on his HBO show last weekend.

In the process of pouring ridiculous and undeserved praise on Joe Biden, Bill Maher also took a swing, a shot, a knockout blow at young far-left Liberals and their abolish everything- including common-senseagenda.

I’m gonna go ahead and ignore the part of that rant that counted Biden asthe right man for this moment,” because as evidenced by our open borders, surging gas prices, lawlessness in the streets and complete lack of transparency from the administration itself, that is not truebut what Bill said about the moronic cloud universe these young progressives live in is spot on.

Lahren said that neither socialism or abolishing law enforcement are rational ideas, adding that much of the problem however lies with people in Maher’s demographic:

Who the heck is teaching these young people that all of those aforementioned things are a good idea? OLDER PROGRESSIVES in academia, pop culture, the media and yes, the White House.

Joe Biden might not be explicitly saying let’s try socialism, communism or defunding the police but let’s be honest, Basement Biden can’t and isn’t saying much in general,” 彼女は続けた.

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“しかしながら, the policies, advocacy and executive actions and orders coming out of his White House are totally in line with far-Left extremist ideals that Bill Maher himself just criticized young people for advocating.

She noted that far-left New York City Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised Biden for being just thatfar-left andexceeding [彼女] expectations.

Yeah AOC, most of the people- including Democrats and Never Trumpers- thought he’d be far more conservative too because that is the bill of goods he and the DNC sold us leading up to the 2020 選挙,” Lahren replied.

I knew this would be the case. I knew Biden was nothing more than a Trojan horse for the far left and — 私は正しかったです. So while I’ll agree with Bill Maher that young progressives have stupid ideas I will also note that progressives of all ages have the same stupid ideas.

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