Tomi Lahren says America has adopted a 'culture of lawlessness'

Seemingly every day, new violent, thuggish, and brutal security camera or citizen captured footage makes its way to the internet, largely ignored by the mainstream media,” 拉伦说, referencing an incident in 纽约市 where a 55-year-old Asian woman was punched by a Black man in broad daylight.

It makes one wonder, what the heck is going on in our country? Why is this happening? Why are Americans attacking their fellow Americans, in many cases for no reason whatsoever?” 她问.

Lahren argued the reason isnot one-dimensional, but can be attributed to several factors.

First and foremost, this is what happens when cities and municipalities defund, 但, or otherwise short their police department,” 她说, noting a 68% increase in homicide rates in nine of the major U.S. cities that cut police funding.

That’s what happens when criminal acts of violence, 突击, 抢劫, 暴动, and thuggery are passed off and excused as “正义” from the media, 民主党, and pop culture itself,” 她说.

Lahren also said thattaxpayer-funded government stimulus and unemployment checks in the mailde-incentivize work, and leave peoplewith a whole lot of extra time on their hands to cause trouble.

The result of this, 她说, is that law-abiding Americans suffer.

Law and order shouldn’t be on a partisan wish list exclusive to conservatives, securing and ensuring law and order should be the goal for all our elected leaders,” 她说.

Lahren further argued that if Democrats did not work to curtail crime spikes across the United States, Americans wouldflock back to the party that believes in safety, 繁荣, and protection for all.

I hope for our country’s sake, Democrats come to their senses and prioritize decent law-abiding Americans above their radical far-left Agenda, but I’m not going to hold my breath,” 她总结.

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