Tomi Lahren takes on 2021 オスカー: 'Bogus and totally disingenuous moral crusade'

“私, for one, had and have no desire to watch these Trump-deranged Hollywood Liberals grandstand on their soapboxes with useless and bogus virtue signaling,” Lahren said.

The show earned record-low ratings after it was forced to adjust its venue and schedule in order to accommodate safety concerns due to the コロナウイルス.

オスカー 2021 SEES‘NOMADLAND’ セレブのリップ・デレク・ショーヴィンとして最優秀作品賞を受賞, 警察の残虐行為

による バラエティ, 初期のニールセン視聴率を引用, 平均で 9.85 million viewers watched the show Sunday evening, これは 58.3%, 13.75 昨年からの100万人の視聴者の減少. 加えて, ショーは単なる 1.9 成人年齢の主要な人口統計の中での評価 18-49.

Lahren said she wasn’t surprised to learn that others also elected to change the channel.

Pretty hard to take these faux outraged thespians seriously when their biggest hurdle in life is deciding which designer to wear on the red carpet,” 彼女は言いました.

Every year it’s a different bogus and totally disingenuous moral crusade from the #MeToo movement which can much more accurately be dubbed the #WeAllKnew farce,” 彼女は言いました.

Their biggest hurdle in life is deciding which designer to wear on the red carpet.

— Tomi Lahren, フォックスネーション

And this year’s little soiree was even more infuriating given the fact these Hollywood Liberals were once again given a pass to gather, celebrate and canoodle while most Americans in most Democrat-run states have been barred from doing such things,” 彼女は付け加えた.

アカデミー賞 presenters were not required to don face coverings. Camera shots of the 2021 Oscars show a room full of unmasked faces.

This is all just too much but sadly, totally expected,” Lahren concluded. “These elites truly believe they are above it all, that they are so important and their self-indulgence so necessary. なんてこった. I hope they enjoyed patting themselves on the back last night, but no one else cared to.

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