Tomi Lahren tears into 'crybaby' Gwen Berry: 'Why the heck are you competing on behalf of this country?'

“并非一切都围绕着这些爱哭鬼的运动员展开,当您参加美国队比赛时,要求您表现出一点点阶级和体面真的太过分了?” Lahren said on her 福克斯民族 表演 “最后的想法。”

浆果, later addressing the incident, claimed she wasset upand believes the national anthem was played deliberately while she was on the podium to catch her off guard.

But Lahren was having none of it.

“一个, 打扰一下? You weren’t ‘set up,’ the Fox Nation host fired back. “That’s how these things called American sports work. It’s a tradition that predates and trumps your disdain for American patriotism.

Miss Berry,” she went on, “did you think your personal hatred for this country—the country you are competing for and on behalf of- warrants special treatment on the podium? That the other two athletes—who outperformed you by the way—shouldn’t be able to stand on the podium and salute the Stars and Stripes because that flag and anthem trigger you? Or that the organizers should tippy-toe the musical selection to fit your comfort and preference?”

GWEN BERRY 在奥运选拔赛上奏国歌时回到美国国旗, 说她是“设置”’

Lahren went on and asked why Berry would want to compete on behalf of the United States.

Well Miss Berry, that’s too bad so sad! 此外, if our flag and our anthem bother you so much-so much so you feel the need to childishly drape a shirt over your head- why the heck are you competing on behalf of this country? 事实上, why are you living here at all?” 她问.

Like it or not, 我们. Olympians representall of us, of all colors, or all political affiliations,” Lahren argued.

And similarly, that is what our flag and that National Anthem also represent- Americans of every race, 性别, social class and political affiliation who fought and died for this country—especially those who paid the ultimate price and came home under that flag. That’s why we stand. That’s why we salute. That’s why the song and that cloth mean so much,” 她说. “Is it really too much to ask these athletes to have a little respect for the country that has afforded them so much?

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