Tomi Lahren to Big Tech: Why do you have to censor conservatives?

TOMI LAHREN: Yeah, I really do think that it needed to come to this in order to wake people up and understand if they can do this to the former president of the United States, someone who may very well run again in 2024, it can happen to all of us. 

It already does happen to all of us. The censorship, the shadow banning, the silencing of conservative voices. Big Tech has gotten away with this for far too long. And I wish they could just be a content curating platform. But they’re not. They are content discriminating.

So I know that the liberals like to come after us and say, yes, we believe in private companies having the ability to control what they do in their own entities. But when you’re going so far as to control the message and you are siphoning off and throttling conservative voices only and especially the president, the former president of the United States, it’s time to stand up and say it’s gotten this bad. 

There needs to be action. And I would hope that the Democrats would join with us in this effort to protect free speech. At the end of the day, like our president said, what are they so afraid of? If his message is so horrible, if our message, our conservative values are so horrible, then why are we not allowed to express them and have the American people and the public decide what they want to believe and what they want to follow? 

Why do you have to censor us? Why do you have to shadow ban us? Let this be a free marketplace of ideas again. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. What are you so afraid of?




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