Tomi Lahren to speak at Clemson despite students' attempts to 'sabotage' event: 'It didn't work, snowflakes'

在她的 “Final Thoughts” 上 福克斯民族, Lahren said College Democrats and Black Lives Matter groups on campus tried multiple avenues to sabotage and undermine the event.

They condemned it and me. Then they tried to cancel it. When that didn’t work, they attempted to sabotage the event with fake ticket sign-ups. When that didn’t work, they tried to run up the security costs,” 她说.

“好吧猜猜, snowflakes? It didn’t work.

Leftist andanti-free-speechstudents sent a 4,000-signature petition to College President Jim Clements, demanding that he prohibit the conservative commentator from speaking to the TPUSA club.

The petition alleged Lahren is a “种族主义者” and that she should not bring herBack the Bluemessage to campus therefore.

Lahren remarked that attempt also failed, while other strategies the left employed actually made the event more prominent than it would ahve been.

The Clemson College Democrats, Young Democratic Socialists, BLM-affiliated campus groups and intolerant liberals at large thought their petition which sits at just over 4,000 签名, would keep me off the campus,” 她说. “Wrong.

She said that after the petition to Clements failed, her detractors employedlosersand online bots to flood the sign up page and book phony admission tickets to the eventa tactic previously employed by activists against former President Donald Trump ahead of a 2020 speech in Oklahoma.

Clever, but ineffective. This move didn’t ruin the event, it just made it bigger,” 她说.

Lahren said the leftist activists sought to fill the allotted spaces at the event with people who had no intention on showing up, thus leaving her with an empty room.

代替, the actions led TPUSA to move the event to the college’s Littlejohn Coliseumhome of their Clemson Tigers NCAA basketball team.

“哇, that really backfired didn’t it, Clemson social justice warriors? — And a big shout out to the Clemson TPUSA chapter for their resilience, quick thinking and steadfast resolve. You didn’t back down and you made this happen,” 她说.

Lahren added the situation should serve as a lesson to conservative or simply non-leftist groups on campuses that despite the environment there, they can successfully exercise their freedoms if theyrefuse to be bullied.

I thought the Left was supposed to be the loving and tolerant side of the aisle, or at least that’s what you claim, 对?”

Unlike many of you on the Left, I don’t wish or seek to silence you. If you have an opinion or stance on an issue, by all means scream it from the mountaintops. That is your right as an American and your God given right at birth. I support it and will go to bat for you, even if I disagree and oppose your message.

And here’s a thought for those who may not like me or want to hear me speak, don’t go! You’re not forced to go. You’re not required. It’s not during school hours or taking place in your classroom.


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