R의 토미 드바지&B 그룹 스위치 데드 에 64

DeBarge’s sister Etterline “토끼” DeBarge는 목요일에 Facebook에 뉴스를 공유했습니다., 기타를 연주하는 동생의 정지 이미지가 포함된 비디오 공유.

“날개를 얻은 토미,” 그녀가 적었다. The singer also shared the post on her professional Facebook page.

second post soon followed: “Rest peacefully in Heaven, Dearest Thomas DeBarge.

A family member of the musician told TMZ that he suffered from liver and kidney failure over the years and recently declined in health.

The outlet reports that he was hospitalized a few weeks ago and died on Thursday.

DeBarge and his bandmates rose to fame in the 1970s with hits likeThere’ll Never Be,” “I Call Your Name” 과 “Love Over & Over Again.

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