Tones and I's 'Dance Monkey' becomes most Shazamed song of all time

Dance Monkeyby Tones and I has become the most popular song on Shazam, according to Guinness World Records.

The catchy songthe second single from the debut EPThe Kids Are Comingby Tones and I, real name Toni Watsonhas been identified 36.6 million times on the music identification app, Guinness said. The song was released in May 2019 and beat out previous record holderWake Me Upby Swedish DJ Avicii.
The song has topped the charts in more than 30 국가, and it debuted 빌보드 핫에 100 at No. 96. When it finally ascended to the top five, it became the first Hot 100 song solely written by a woman to enter the ranking in more than eight years, Billboard said.
The global hit is a bouncy, fun song, but it was born out of Watson’s frustration while being a busker in her home of Australia.
    It’s a song about a moment where I felt frustrated about how people had no patience anymore. They had their phones and caught a busker that was really hot, and people wanted me to go, go, go. If you replace the word ‘dancewith ‘sing,’ it’s pretty self-explanatory,” she told Billboard last year.
    Watson has since become a household name, as the music video forDance Monkeyhas more than a billion (예, 십억) 견해. Her debut album is expected at the end of the year.

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