Toomey, GameStop 거래 '고전적인 거품'경고, 그러나 '사례 없음’ SEC 참여를 위해

Toomey warns GameStop trading 'a classic bubble', but sees 'no case' for SEC involvement

Senate Banking Committee member Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said Friday that the sudden spike of GameStop’s stock as a result of Redditors banding together to smite hedge funds short-selling is not something the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should necessarily get involved in at this point.

Toomey told너의 세계that the investors involved in the GameStop and other related stock spikes such as AMC should note the rise has the signs of a marketbubblethat will gravely hurt financially those who invest late or stay in the game too long.

He added the idea of applications that allow the casual orretailinvestor better access to the stock market are a good thing.

이것의. PAT TOOMEY: “This is a wonderful innovation that is bringing investment opportunities to people of modest means who never would have had that opportunity before

I do have colleagues that have already been making noises about somehow the SEC stepping in and new regulations and new laws. I see no case for that at this point. I do think we should understand why the brokers made the decision they made, several of them, including Robinhood to limit the ability of people to buy stock. I think there’s a plausable explanation that has to do with the additional capital required when stocks are volatile. Let’s make sure we understand that

I’m not aware of any of evidence that there’s a systemic risk in the capital markets. Our markets have been awfully fraught. We’ve had an amazing run-up

It’s worth pointing out that look, this is a classic bubble. Let’s just be honest. It had all the components, a number of events that has caused an unbelievable run-up in a stock that is unsustainable. When this ends, it’s going to end badly for the people that buy in latejust as it went badly for the hedge funds that shorted early. The hedge funds need to live with the consequences. That’s life. They’re big boys.

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