Top Space Force official: China is developing space capabilities at 'twice the rate' of US

遺伝子. David Thompson, vice chief of space operations for the US Space Force, said Saturday China is developing its space capabilities attwice the rateof the US.

On a panel of US space experts and leaders speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum in a panel moderated by CNN’s Kristin Fisher, 遺伝子. Thompson warned China could overtake the US in space capabilities by the end of the decade.
The fact, that in essence, on average, they are building and fielding and updating their space capabilities at twice the rate we are means that very soon, if we don’t start accelerating our development and delivery capabilities, they will exceed us,” 遺伝子. トンプソンは言った, 追加する, “2030 is not an unreasonable estimate.
    遺伝子. Thompson was joined by Rep. Jim Cooper, a Tennessee Democrat who chairs the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee, which helps oversee the Space Force’s budget, and Chris Kubasik, president and CEO of L3Harris Technologies, a defense contractor that develops Space and Airborne systems.
      クーパーは言った, “Hell yes,” when asked if the US is competing in a so-called space race with China.
        Both Gen. Thompson and Kubasik agreed with Cooper’s assessment.
        Cooper has been a steadfast advocate for the Space Force, but said Saturday it is not moving fast enough tokeep upwith private industry.
          It’s great that the private sector is so much more innovative than our Air Force was, and we need to get the Space Force to be much more innovative and try to keep up with the private sector,” クーパーは言った.
          彼が追加した: “To really be superior, we’ve got to go beyond Elon Musk’s imagination, ジェフ・ベゾス’ imagination, beyond their pocketbooks. (ザ・) budget right now is $ 17 十億 — that’s a lot of money, but considering how crucial space is, are we doing enough?”
          Cooper suggested the Space Force should be more like the National Reconnaissance Office, which oversees government space satellites and provides satellite intelligence to several US agencies.
            The NRO has actually done a pretty amazing job,” クーパーは言った. “They’re not as well-known as some other agencies. … But I had a recent side-by-side briefing with the NRO and Space Force. My conclusion after that briefing was: thank God for the NRO. I anxiously await the day that I can say the same about the Space Force.
            When asked to respond, 遺伝子. トンプソンは言った, “As Congressman Cooper noted, every time we meet, Congressman Cooper asks what he can continue to do to help, and my request of him is always the same: continue to be our strongest supporter and our toughest critic, and I can say this morning he continues to perform effectively in both of those roles,” to which the room erupted in laughter.