L'organizzatore ufficiale delle Olimpiadi di Tokyo si scusa per le osservazioni sessiste secondo cui le donne parlano troppo durante le riunioni

Tokyo Yoshiro Mori, il presidente del comitato organizzatore olimpico di Tokyo, si è scusato giovedì dopo che i commenti che ha fatto suggerendo che le donne parlano troppo durante le riunioni sono trapelati ai media giapponesi.

Mori, a former Prime Minister, made the comments at an Olympics board of trustees event Wednesday. When asked about the Japan Olympic Committee’s goal of increasing the number of women on its board of directors from 20% per 40%, Mori said he was concerned about how that would affect the length of meetings.
He reportedly saidboard meetings with lots of women take longer” perché “women are competitiveif one member raises their hand to speak, others might think they need to talk too,” according to reports in the Japanese press. “If you want to increase female membership, you would be in trouble unless you put time limits in place,” he is reported to have added.
Speaking at a news conference Thursday, 83-year-old Mori confirmed he made the remarks behind closed doors and said he was sorry for doing so.
    I recognize my comment yesterday was an inappropriate expression and went against the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics. I profoundly regret it,” Egli ha detto. “I’d like to withdraw my comment and apologize to the people whom I made to feel unpleasant.
    Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will not need a vaccine to participate, dicono gli organizzatori


      Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will not need a vaccine to participate, dicono gli organizzatori


    Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will not need a vaccine to participate, dicono gli organizzatori 01:57

    The comments set off an immediate firestorm in Japan, where women regularly face gender discrimination in the workplace and when seeking positions of power.
    Japan’s gender gap isby far the largest among all advanced economies,” secondo the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap Report. The report ranked Japan 121 fuori da 153 paesi, in part due to its findings that women only make up 5.3% of board members on listed companies and only 10% of parliamentarians, one of the lowest levels of female political representation in the world.
    Mori said he was not considering stepping down, but the debacle will likely be a major distraction for the organizing committee, which faces the daunting task of putting on the Games in less than six months as Japan struggles to rein in rising coronavirus case numbers. The Summer Olympics were delayed last year due to Covid-19, and experts have said it may not be possible to postpone the event again.
      A poll last month by national broadcaster NHK found that 77% of people in Japan think the games should be canceled or further postponed. Japan’s leaders have vowed the Games will be held, tuttavia. The bullish attitude comes despite rumors of their cancellation and the logistical hurdles that stand in the way of hosting such a massive event in the middle of a public health crisis.
      The country’s medical system has been overwhelmed in recent days due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, con 10 hard-hit prefectures in a state of emergency. Da mercoledì, più di 8,700 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in those areas were waiting to be moved to a hospital or an isolation facility because authorities have run out of space. Some of those waiting to be moved have mild symptoms, or none at all.

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