Toyota Land Cruiser reaching the end of the road in 2021

Toyota Land Cruiser reaching the end of the road in 2021

그만큼 Land Cruiser is getting parked.


토요타 has confirmed that sales of its uber-SUV will be discontinued at the end of the 2021 model year.

The nameplate recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, 그리고 latest generation of the full-size truck has been on sale since 2008, tying it with the Toyota Sequoia as the oldest SUV on sale today. Toyota sold 3,536 of them in the U.S. last year at prices starting at $ 86,740.


Even at its advanced age, the Land Cruiser is one of the most capable off-roaders available today, but its thirsty V8 and solid rear axle hamper its street appeal.


Toyota told Road & Track: “the Land Cruiser has been a legendary name for more than 60 연령. While it will be discontinued in the United States after the 2021 model year, we remain committed to the large SUV segment and will continue to explore future products that celebrate the Land Cruiser’s rich off-road history. We encourage loyal enthusiasts and intrepid adventurers to stay tuned for future developments.

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The lower-priced Toyota Tundra-based Sequoia is expected to be replaced with an all-new model in 2022, so it may shoulder the large off-road SUV segment for Toyota in lieu of a new Land Cruiser, if the latter isn’t directly replaced.

Lexus has not confirmed future plans for the $ 87,875 LX570, which is based on the Land Cruiser platform and accounted for 4,718 sales last year.




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