Tractor runs over and kills woman sleeping on California beach

A woman sleeping on a beach in Oceanside, 캘리포니아, has died after being run over by a piece of construction equipment, 경찰은 CNN에 말했다.

The driver of a Caterpillar wheel loader was removing pipes from a dredging project at about 10 오전. on Monday morning when he felt a bump, according to Oceanside Police Department Spokesman Tom Bussey.
Bussey said the driver turned around and realized he had run over the woman.
Police taped off a triangular area around the tractor, which weighs about 50,000 파운드, while they investigated.
    A surfer told CNN affiliate KGTV that he saw the woman hours before the accident.
    The lady was leaning up against the walllooked like she was holding herself up,” Jay Burneo told KGTV. “I was concerned about her and we asked her if she was OK and she seemed OK.
    Authorities think the woman may have been homeless.
      She has not been identified, but is believed to be in her 40s, Bussey said.
      He said she was fully clothed and was not wearing beach attire.

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