'Tragic' to see Biden admin 'flip switch' and reverse Trump policies at border: マイクポンペオ


マイクポンペオ: I always find it interesting when they talk about the fact that we did America alone, when in fact the deal that we struck to secure our southern border was something we worked hard with the Mexican government, we worked hard with the government in Guatemala and El Salvador and Honduras. We had real relationships with those people. We negotiated. We got to a place that made life better for their people and secured our southern border.

And to watch them come in and just flip the switch and the tragedy that we now see. … These people are trying to come through Mexico to get into the United States because President Biden greenlighted this. It’s absolutely tragic. And to watch them do this in a unilateral way and make the lives worse for not only people who live in Texas and Arizona and California, but people all across our southern boundary, it’s just tragic.

It took a lot of work, this was hard work, building those relationships. It’s what good diplomacy does, that’s what our team did. We watched these countries say, “罰金, we’ll help you with your problem with the southern border, but we’ve got to get this right. And you have to, you America, have to do the right things, それも。”

We did that. We negotiated. We made clear we were going to close the border, people weren’t going to be permitted to come here illegally. And when we did that, we turned off the magnet. The incentives for people to make that terrible trek across Mexico were gone. And then we began to work with these countries to make sure that we handled it well. You can’t just flip the switch on countries around the world. You have to work alongside of them and build partnerships. That’s how we protect American sovereignty.