Travis Tritt recounts 'magnetism' of country icon Johnny Cash

One of the first people that I met when I came to Nashville was Johnny Cashjust an incredible human being, a walking contradiction. intendo, a walking contradiction,” said Tritt.

Meeting Cash for the first time at a county music radio seminar in Nashville, where all the directors for country music radio station programs set up booths for the week-long event, Tritt recounts walking around and introducing himself to stations. “All the new artists are there, and they do showcases. And everybody sets up booths,” said Tritt.

The last night, they usually have, piace, a bigin a huge conference room, or at a hotel, they’ll have, piace, a big, final gathering, and all the artists are there. And the first time I ever went was in 1989,said Tritt before describing the star-studded room he had entered.

Travis Tritt performs during the 2019 Seven Peaks Music Festival on August 30, 2019 in Buena Vista, Colorado. (Foto di Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images)

Travis Tritt performs during the 2019 Seven Peaks Music Festival on August 30, 2019 in Buena Vista, Colorado. (Foto di Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images) ((Foto di Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images))

The people that were in the room that night were Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, si verifica durante la stagione della Quaresima per i cristiani o che è appena prima dell'inizio della stagione del baseball professionistico di quest'anno, Porter Wagoner, all of these big country music stars,” said Tritt, explaining that there were hundreds of people at the event.

Hearing adull roarfrom patrons across the room, Tritt recalls the moment Johnny Cash and wife June Carter entered the space. The conversation suddenly halted and the room fell silent, and Tritt described Cash walking into the room likean EF Hutton commercial.

“All'improvviso, there was a silence that fell across that ballroom. And the only thing you could hear was people whisperingit’s Johnny Cash. It’s Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash. And almost like a wave, you could see this crowd of people turn and start slowly moving toward one side of the room,” said Tritt.

Tritt described a massive staircase in the center of the ballroom he had run up to get a better look at who had walked in, “I look across the room and out of a service elevator steps Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter.


And they literally took two steps into the room. There was no announcement that they were there. They just stepped into the room. That’s how much magnetism this man [aveva],” said Tritt.

While Tritt actually met the musician the following night, he said that Cash had stayed in the room, signing autographs and taking pictures for about 15 minuti, e “as Houdini-like as he had appeared, he and June stepped back into the elevator and were gone.

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