Trey Gowdy marks first anniversary of 'Sunday Night in America' with powerful message for viewers

TREY GOWDY: Mirar hacia atrás puede ser educativo, terapéutico, inspirador y puede hacernos agradecidos, comprensivos y sabios. Nos hemos estado reuniendo aquí los domingos por la noche durante un año.. And a lot has happened in our country and around the world. los withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the death of American soldiers… we have borne witness to the war in Ukraine, the threat to democracy, the mixed messages from some in this country on whether we should support democracy or brutal dictators. We’ve seen precios del gas, inflación, crime go up as confidence in the direction of our country goes down.

Y todavía, as we look back on the last decade and even the last year, it does seem like things are different in America. We look back in part because it’s easier to see what has happened than predicting what is going to happen. That is where the real uncertainty lies. It’s one of the great dualisms of life. We look back on the one thing we cannot change and spend less time on the one thing we can change which is what is left of today and tomorrow.


So where do you want to be in a year personally? As a community? As a state? As a nation? Do you ever get tired of the constant negativity? Do you wonder where the stories on good cops and good prosecutors are? Do you wonder where the acts of kindness are? We see the crime what about the goodness of America? Do you wonder why the loudest most bombastic voices in politics are the ones who get all the attention?

We all look back, that is the reason we say hindsight is 2020. But it is the one thing we cannot change. How good is our vision of the next year, the next month, el día siguiente? How much time do we spend making sure that when we do look back on tomorrow it will be with joy, and pride and the full knowledge that we did our best to make sure it is a memory-filled with less regret and more happiness? People ask me from time to time when will things change? When you demand it. And when we bring about that change. Waiting on others is not proven profitable in many regards. For the next year, we should think about trying to be whatever change it is we desire. What is left of today and tomorrow it seems like a really good time and place to start.


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