Trey Gowdy: The only Republicans the media likes are either dead, defeated, or voting with Democrats

TREY GOWDY: I try to be helpful when I can, so I’m going to do something which may surprise you. I’m going to help the New York Times, Politico, CNN and the Washington Post. Those media outlets are struggling right now to understand why no one cares about the leaked audio tapes wherein Kevin McCarthy was talking about January 6th and the aftermath.

Media outlets began expressing their outrage. And they could barely control their euphoria. They wrote obituaries for Kevin McCarthy. But no one came to the funeral. No one outside their own media echo chamber cared, and they cannot figure out why. Asi que, let me help…many of us have watched in amazement as you in the D.C. media prop-up Democrats and cut down Republicans. We cannot recall a single negative story about Democrat leaders or committee chairs, and we cannot recall a single positive story about Republican leaders.

usted, in the D.C. media did not like John Boehner or Paul Ryan…you do however like Nancy Pelosi. She is a genius to you. Even though she lost control of the House once, and she is about to do it again, she is a genius when she sends over articles of impeachment without a single Republican vote….she is a genius when the House cannot pass the Biden agenda, when they Squad drags her party to the left, she is a genius.

We watched you cover for Adam Schiff for years. He kept information from the public he blamed Russian disinformation. He mistreated witnesses but you did not care. You love Justice Jackson but not Justice Barret. You want the local police to be reformed, but not the FBI. To you, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are threats to democracy. But when Republicans break ranks, bien, they are mavericks. Speaking of mavericks, the only Republicans you like are those Republicans who are dead, [aquellos] who lose, or vote with the Democrats.

Your unfairness causes others to recalibrate what it means to be fair. Asi que, as you sit around and look at each other wondering how we got here, the good news is you are looking in the right place and looking at the right people. It was you.


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