Tropical Storm Fred to make landfall in Florida: Here’s where its heading

A tropical storm warning is in effect for large portions of the Panhandle with tropical storm force winds, heavy rain and storm surge all expected.

The heaviest rain will impact an area from the Florida Big Bend Coast across the Panhandle where 4-8 inches of rain with isolated storm totals of 12 inches are forecast.

Tropical Storm Warnings currently in effect.

Tropical Storm Warnings currently in effect. (福克斯新闻)


The deepest storm surge will occur along the coast near the eventual landfall location. 然而, the current highest storm surge forecast is of 3-5 feet from Indian Pass to Steinhatchee River, 佛罗里达.

Once onshore, Fred will quickly weaken. 尽管那样, high rainfall totals are expected along its path into Alabama and Georgia. Rainfall totals in these areas will range from 4-7 inches with isolated spots seeing 10 inches through Tuesday.

Forecast rainfall totals through Wednesday.

Forecast rainfall totals through Wednesday. (福克斯新闻)

Following Saturday morning’s earthquake, Haiti has more trouble on the way.

Tropical Depression Grace will run over or near Haiti on Monday night and Tuesday morning, where rainfall totals of 5-10 inches are likely.

Heavy rain plus recent damage could produce mudslides.

Grace will continue west toward the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula by late week.