Truck carrying tomato puree crashes, turning road red

A truck laden with tomato puree crashed in England this week, turning a highway red and prompting a number of food-related puns from people on social media.

The vehicle was involved in a crash with another truck in Cambridgeshire, 英格兰东部, 星期二, Highways England told CNN.
The government highways authority said the vehiclelost its load and damaged the carriageway,” leading to a road closure on the A14.
    One driver sustained aminor” 受伤, Highways England said.
      A spokesman confirmed it was carrying tomato puree, which spilled across the road and prompted emergency road resurfacing overnight until Wednesday afternoon.
        The road had to be resurfaced overnight after the tomato puree damaged the surface.

        The crash prompted some jokesof varying quality — 在社交媒体上.
        What happens when you go too fast trying to ketchup to the Volkswagen Passata in front of you,” said one person on Twitter.
          I went pasta that. Took a while for the traffic to ketchup,” 另一个说.
          One person tweeted of the road closure: “And I imagine when it does reopen cars will have to passata slow speed?”
          So this was the sauce of all the traffic problems in Cambridge today,” 另一个评论.
          While relatively uncommon, food spillages on highways do happen.
          在 2019, a river of chocolate was seen flowing on an Arizona highway after a tanker hauling 40,000 磅 (18,144 liters) of liquid chocolate rolled over on the interstate near Flagstaff.
            A crash near Knoxville, 田纳西州, spilled more than 17 tons of M&M’s onto an interstate ramp in the same year. 的 candy remained in the packaging but had to be destroyed.
            Hundreds of thousands of red Skittles were found spilled on a road in Dodge County, 威斯康星州, 在 2017. The local Sheriff at the time said they were surplus and were on their way to a cow farm, where they were to be mixed with livestock feed.




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