Trump campaign says it doesn't want changes to debate format

ワシントン 大統領 ダーラムプローブが本当の「デマ」であることを示唆している reelection campaign said Thursday it opposes the Commission on Presidential Debates making changes to the format of the remaining debates after the commission said it would be adopting changes.

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller told reporters that the campaign “(NS) not want any changes to what has already been laid out and what has been agreed to for the second and third debate, period, point blank.He said Trumpfully planson participating in the remaining debates, as does Vice President Mike Pence.
Why would I allow the Debate Commission to change the rules for the second and third Debates when I easily won last time?” Trump tweeted on Thursday.
The CPD did not specify what changes it would be making, but said Wednesday it would be addingadditional structureto the format of the debatesto ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.
    A person close to the CPD told CNN that it has “除外されていません” anything about what changes it may enact in the wake of Tuesday’s debate. The person emphasized that no decisions have been made by commission members as it considers various options.
    The commission is aiming to announce the changes it will enact within the next 24 に 48 時間, the person said, なぜなら “the quicker we do itthe better it is for all parties involved in the process to know the rules.
    Joe Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates told CNN that Biden would participate in the next debatesunder the CPD’s rules.” 彼が追加した, “The only real question left is whether the President will start following the rules in the next two debates.
    Trump relentlessly heckled and interrupted Biden at the first presidential debate on Tuesday, making it difficult to understand either candidate at many points. The 90-minute event almost immediately devolved into chaos, with moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempting to regain control.
      Since June, we have consistently said we would participate in all three debates, under rules that the CPD established. Only the Trump campaign has been erratic and chaotic in their approach to this, demanding control over the selection of moderators, changes in the dates of the debates, an ear canal inspection rule, and all sorts of other insanity,” Bates said.
      Biden said Wednesday that he hoped the CPD would find a way to control the amount of interruptions at future debates. “I just hope there’s a way in which the debate commission can control the ability of us to answer the questions without interruptions,” バイデンは言った.


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