Trump-endorsed Katie Britt wins Alabama GOP Senate primary runoff election against Rep. 莫布鲁克斯

The runoff election between Britt and Brooks came after neither candidate garnered more than 50% of the vote in the May 24 primary election. Both candidates were running to replace retiring Sen. 理查德·谢尔比, R-丙氨酸。, 谁服务超过 35 years in Congress and tossed his support behind Britt.

Senate candidates Katie Britt (大号) 和莫布鲁克斯 ([R)

Senate candidates Katie Britt (大号) 和莫布鲁克斯 ([R) (Andi Rice, Bloomberg via Getty Images / 美联社照片, Vasha Hunt)


王牌, who has weighed in on multiple races taking place across the country ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and received immense support from Alabamians in both the 2016 和 2020 presidential elections, initially endorsed Brooks last year. 他 later rescinded his endorsement and accused Brooks, one of few members in Congress who offered overwhelming support for Trump following his loss in the 2020 总统选举, of going “醒来” when he told voters in the state it was time to place focus on the 2022 和 2024 选举.

Two weeks before the runoff election, Trump endorsed Britt as she gained in the polls and said in a statement that she isa fearless America First Warrior.Speaking to Fox News Digital in an interview last week, Britt said she wasexcited and gratefulto have Trump’s support aspeople are ready for new blood.


Alabamians loved the president,” 她当时说. “They miss the America First agenda and they are ready for our country to get back on track.

凯蒂·布里特, US Republican Senate candidate for Alabama, speaks during an election night watch event in Montgomery, 阿拉巴马州

凯蒂·布里特, US Republican Senate candidate for Alabama, speaks during an election night watch event in Montgomery, 阿拉巴马州 (Andi Rice/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Ahead of the election, 布鲁克斯, who told Fox News Digital he had not spoken with Trump since he lost his endorsement and insisted during an interview last week with that the former presidenthas no loyalty to anyone or anything but himself,” said he was theMAGA candidate” 在比赛中. Britt responded to Brooksremarks and insisted that Trump hadtold who the MAGA candidatewas in the race.

Britt formerly served as an aide to Shelby and served as his chief of staff from 2016 至 2018.

Britt will now face off against Will Boyd, the state’s Democratic nominee for Senate, 在十一月. 8 general election where she is expected to succeed in the deep red state.

Boyd is a pastor and a former Democratic Party county chair.