Trump says US is ‘most difficult country to deal with,’ reflecting on battles with Pelosi, 希夫

Trump says US is 'most difficult country to deal with,' reflecting on battles with Pelosi, 希夫

特朗普总统 on Tuesday said the United States is themost difficult country to deal withas he reflected on his time as president during an 选举日 interview on狐狸 & 友人.

The president citedhorrible peoplewho have made his time in office more difficult for the reasoning behind his answer, specifically naming House Speaker 南希·佩洛西, D-Calif。, Senate Minority leader 查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer), D-N.Y。, 和代表. 亚当·希夫, 卡利夫.

It’s been mean,” he said during the interview.

You deal with people that are very deceptive,” 特朗普说. “They’ll go, '先生. 总统, tell me, who is the country that’s most difficult to deal with? Is it Russia, is it China, is it North Korea?’ … 没有, by far the most difficult country to deal with is the U.S. It’s not even close.


他继续: “We have some very, very deceptive people,” naming Schiff again.

佩洛西, Schumer and Schiff have been critical of the president since he took office nearly four years ago and helped lead his 弹each proceedings in January. Schumer and Pelosi also sparred with Senate Republicans during coronavirus stimulus negotiations before the 2020 选举, which may have put Trump in better standing with undecided voters.


The president has held cordial meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping over the course of his presidency and became the first sitting U.S. president to 遇到 with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in June 2019, though he has implemented sanctions on all three countries.


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