Trump seeks to delegitimize vote even as his campaign says math will turn his way

Washington The morning after he declared from the White House East Room thatall voting must stop,” Il presidente Donald Trump strategy of undermining the Democratic process was coming into sharper focus, even as it failed to gain widespread traction among Republicans or even his own campaign.

With millions of ballots still being counted, Trump awoke in an agitated state, tweeting or retweeting messages that sought to undermine confidence in the vote counting process. At least three were labeled by Twitter as “contestato” o “misleading.
Several top Republicans, including those close to Senate Republican leaders, were privately dismissive of Trump’s suggestion that ballots shouldn’t be counted after Election Day.
And even his own campaign said in a call with reporters that Trump’s remaining path to victory will rely on those still-uncounted ballots in places where the process of tabulating results has taken longer.
    What emerged was a picture of a President intent on using all the tools at his disposal to force a victory, including wielding misinformation about the integrity of the vote and an onslaught of legal maneuvers, even as the results were still coming in and his advisers insisted the math would turn in his favor.
    Trump’s advisers believe he does still have a path to victory that includes wins in Pennsylvania and Arizona, though acknowledge privately it will be an uphill battle.
    If we count all legal ballots, the President wins,” campaign manager Bill Stepien told reporters on a quickly-arranged mid-morning conference call.
    briscola, tuttavia, has projected less optimism in those routes and has instead sought to question the large batches of outstanding votes that have tipped some states toward Biden.
    They are finding Biden votes all over the place — in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So bad for our Country!” ha scritto su Twitter.
    Trump’s grip-like command of the Republican Party remains firmly in place, and does not appear poised to loosen after Tuesday night’s results. Few Republican elected officials spoke out against Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the vote counting process. Anziché, most were silent as the situation plays out.
    Privately, tuttavia, those within Trump’s party were beginning to undercut his claims that fraudulent voting was leading to late Democratic surges in critical battlegrounds.
    “No, we don’t agree with what’s coming out of the White House,” a senior GOP official said. “We see no credible reports of fraud or anything improper.


    Trump had long signaled he would not accept the results of a close election that showed him losing, but how he proceeds now remains uncertain. He said in his wee-hours statement from the East Room that he would challenge the election results in the United State Supreme Court, but so far on Wednesday his legal team was still formulating plans in individual states where the margins remain razor-thin, including in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
    Trump had no events on his schedule Wednesday, and Vice President Mike Pence’s schedule was similarly empty. Both were expected to remain in Washington to consult with campaign and legal teams about their next steps.
    The previous evening, deliberations over what Trump would say when he emerged after midnight were at times intense, according to people familiar with the matter. Trump’s speech came around 2:30 a.m. E, well after his rival spoke from Wilmington, Delaware. While teleprompters were set up for him to read from, he appeared to ad-lib much of his speech.
    This is without question the latest news conference I’ve ever had,” Trump ha detto.
    Speaking after him, Pence seemed to offer a drastically different message, dicendo che “while the votes continue to be counted, we’re going to remain vigilant.
    Trump openly acknowledged that he had felt better earlier in the evening on Tuesday, as invited guests nibbled on pigs-in-a-blanket and french fries on the State Floor of the White House and early results showed him edging former Vice President Joe Biden.
    Literally we were just all set to get outside and just celebrate something that was so beautiful, so good,” Egli ha detto.
    Mentre 400 people had been invited to the party, far fewer actually attended, including several Fox News personalities and members of the President’s cabinet.
    Trump made a brief appearance at the party early in the evening before retreating upstairs to his private residence. Là, he conferred with a smaller group of campaign and White House advisers about how to proceed. A campaignwar roomhad been established on the White House campus to provide Trump and his senior team real-time updates.
    Other members of Trump’s inner-circle, including members of his family, held a more private results-viewing party from the family dining room, where large televisions had been wheeled in and a sofa set up.

    Surprising night

    Trump’s early confidence turned to indignation when Fox News, the network airing on large televisions set up throughout the White House, projected Biden would win Arizona. Trump’s campaign publicly called on the network to retract the projection and on Wednesday morning, the President’s campaign manager insisted to reporters that Arizona remained in play.
    Late-arriving votes cast closest to Election Day are the ones being counted now,” Bill Stepien said, adding they expect between two-thirds and 70% of the remaining uncounted ballots would becoming to the President.
    That math adds up to a margin of around 30,000 votes in the President’s favor,” Stepien said, adding that Arizonawill come the President’s way.
    Biden’s campaign offered an entirely different assessment on its own briefing call, saying they believed the former vice president had won in Arizona and was on track to win Michigan and Wisconsin.
    Despite the confidence projected by the Trump campaign, not everyone on that team was feeling optimistic waking up on Wednesday.
    We are clearly in a corner here,” one senior official said.
    But the official cautioned that the campaign is not yet out of the game, and campaign officials have continued to claim both publicly and privately that they think they have shot if they can get Arizona and Nevada into their column.
    Nel frattempo, the Trump campaign was desperately fundraising the day after the election for resources to wage legal battles against election results. The campaign sent out six emails to supporters since midnight asking for money. Each of the solicitations has included the false claim that Democrats are trying to “rubare” the election.
      There is no evidence of nefarious activity surrounding the election count.
      At a rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the eve of the election day, Trump said campaign lawyerswill be going in and they’ll be fighting.

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