Trump *still* won't admit he lost

The President who infamously hates losing spent the week doing everything he could to avoid the truth: He lost the election.

President Donald Trump leaned on his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to spread unverified conspiracies meant to undermine faith in the election. It’s all — 명백하게 — 사실이 아니다. Judges around the country continue to toss out meritless Trump-aligned lawsuits claiming election issues.
그 동안에, Trump seemingly tried to work the refs in Michigan, phoning two local election officials and inviting Republican state legislators to the White House. Arriving at Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport on Friday morning, one member was confronted by constituents chantingprotect our vote.”
Trump’s efforts aren’t going to change the outcome in Michigan or any other state where his vote came up short. 바이든은, 아직도, on track to win 306 Electoral College votes.

    And then there’s the pandemic. States are implementing strict measures to slow the virusspread, at a level not seen since the spring’s lockdowns. A look at the nation’s infection data reveals every single state is headed in the wrong directionand that’s before the Thanksgiving holiday, when people are expected to defy US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice and gather with people outside of their households.
    요점: Trump has spent the week ignoring reality: He lost the election and the pandemic is getting worse.




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