Trump targeted by Biden administration, and they can do it to you, también

It’s even worse considering that this is just part of a pattern of bureaucratic abuse against Trump. By weaponizing the Justice Department to punish and intimidate their political opponents, the Biden administration and Democrats have shown just how far they’re willing to go to maintain their failed grip on power.

Remember the Russia Hoax, when tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and endless hours of breathless media coverage gave us the Mueller Report? That years-long smear campaign concluded there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice on the part of Trump. Instead of apologizing and moving on, Democrats and bureaucrats doubled down with a sham impeachment which saw Trump acquitted by the Senate. Una y otra vez, Washington elites have tried to take Trump down. Por qué? Because he effectively spoke up for the American people, and the D.C. swamp didn’t take kindly to it.


How is this the federal government’s priority right now? I doubt that Americans struggling with historically high inflation and surging violent crime are reassured that Democrats found time to authorize an unannounced and unprecedented raid on Trump’s home. Nearly a hundred pro-life pregnancy centers and churches have been vandalized or firebombed since the leak of the Dobbs decision – how’s the FBI investigation into that wave of domestic terrorism proceeding?

The Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center has been one of many pregnancy help organizations in the U.S. to have been targeted for vandalism since the Dobbs leak.

The Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center has been one of many pregnancy help organizations in the U.S. to have been targeted for vandalism since the Dobbs leak. (Mary Margaret Olohan Twitter)

We still have a raging crisis at our southern border as beleaguered Border Patrol agents try to stem a flood of deadly drugs pouring into our country. The Biden administration doesn’t care about that – they’re more focused on passing a bill that will raise taxes, have no impact on inflation, and hire an army of 87,000 new IRS agents.

It’s worth pointing out that prominent Democrats don’t seem to get this same treatment. Hillary Clinton destroyed over 30,000 classified emails, covered it up, and got away with barely a slap on the wrist. Hunter Biden appears to have laundered money while sharing a bank account with Joe Biden. He’s still painting away in his Malibu mansion and appearing at White House events. Noted anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-MI, promoted a call for donations to a group tied to Hamas and the Taliban. Nothing ever came of it.


Look at the big picture. Last October Biden’s Department of Justice labeled parents concerned about their kids’ educations as “terroristas domésticos.” En Mayo, the Biden administration tried to set up aMinistry of Truthto police what Americans read online. La semana pasada, Senate Democrats passed a bill hiring a Rose Bowl Stadium’s worth of new IRS government agents to financially target everyday citizens. And on Monday, the Biden Justice Department unleashed the FBI on a leading political opponent just 92 days ahead of the massively important midterm elections.

Everyone needs to pay attention to what’s happening: Democrats are drunk on the power of one-party rule and growing increasingly aggressive in their attempts to punish those who push back against the far-left.

This raid on President Trump should be a wake-up call for every American. It emphasizes how crucial the midterm elections will be: we can only stop this unprecedented madness if we elect Republicans in November to halt this wild overreach and hold the Department of Justice accountable. If the Democrat establishment can do this to a former president, what can they do to you?





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