Trump unveils 'Platinum Plan' for Black Americans

President Donald Trump unveiled a plan aimed at winning over Black Americans on Friday, less than two months before Election Day, largely expanding upon the existing economic-related initiatives the President established in his first term.

The proposals that include prosecuting the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations, making Juneteenth a federal holiday and efforts to bolster Black economic prosperity.
During an Atlanta event announcing what was deemed the Black Economic EmpowermentPlatinum Plan,” Trump sought to draw contrasts between his plan for the African American community and Joe Biden’s proposals, arguing that the former vice presidentinflicteddamage on the Black community over the last 47 years he’s spent working in Washington.
Trump garnered just 8% of the Black electorate in 2016 — and an average of recent 2020 stembusse shows Biden leading Trump with Black voters by an 83% aan 8%, or 75-point, marge.
    They only care about power for themselves, whatever that means. My opponent is offering Black Americans nothing but the same old, tired, empty slogans,” Trump argued.
    The President has presented different messages on race when playing to different audiences. He defended Confederate symbols. Hy het called the Black Lives Matter movement a “simbool van haat,” days after retweeting and then deleting a video that included a Florida supporter shoutingWhite power.The White House has maintained that Trump did not hear the supporter say the phrase.
    But on Friday, the President spoke about the pillars of the plan in broad terms, sê, that among other proposals, he would be building up “vreedsaam” urban neighborhoods with thehighest standardsof policing, bringing fairness to the justice system, expanding school choice, increasing Black home ownership and creating anational clemency project to right wrongful prosecutions and to pardon individuals who have reformed their (lives).”
    The proposal borrows efforts from proposals by other Republicans, such as South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who played a vital role in the establishment of opportunity zones and remains the sole Black Republican in the Senate.
    Byvoorbeeld, Trump’s plan proposes making lynching a national hate crime. In 2019, Scott co-sponsored legislation to make lynching a hate crime alongside none other than California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris, who is now the Democratic vice presidential nominee. The legislation passed in the Senate but was never passed by the House.
    As demonstrations rocked the country this summer protesting against police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd, the President sought to console Black Americans who have died as a result of police violence. Egter, he has consistently delivered a law and order message, calling demonstrators “boewe” en “anarchistsand rebuking what he said was protesters’ “mob rule.
    A Monmouth University poll released earlier this month found that 82% of Black respondents said Trump’s handling of the protests made the current situation worse.
    The President’sPlatinum Planalso proposes recognizing Juneteenth, the widely observed vakansie commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, as a federal holiday.
    The Trump campaign scheduled a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma — the site of a 1921 massacre of hundreds of African Americans during racial unrest in the historic section of the city known asBlack Wall Street.
    Trump said before the rally that it wasn’t scheduled on Juneteenthon purpose,” but after the event, which his campaign rescheduled in order to avoid further criticism, hy sought credit for popularizing the holiday.
    Trump told The Wall Street Journal daardie “nobody had ever heard ofthe holiday before he brought it up.
      I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous,” Trump gesê.
      In Junie, several senators, including Scott and other Republicans, co-sponsored legislation to make Juneteenth a national holiday.




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