Trump's ex-Russia adviser Fiona Hill on the state of the GOP and Trump: 'Am I a dissident now?'

Fiona Hill, one of former President Donald Trump’s top Russia advisers, blasted the former President Thursday, saying he has opened upthe possibility for every single election outcome to be contested,” and suggesting her criticism could make her adissident.

I think it’s worth speaking out, 你懂, 为了我自己, 你懂, am I a dissident now? 我不知道. 你懂, is that kind of the path? But you know what? In other settings, historically in other times, people didn’t stand up when the time was there, and they didn’t speak out, because they were frightened,” 爬坡道, who has previously criticized Trump, said during a CNN Axe Files podcast released on Thursday.
She also said that the former President’s expectation of unwavering loyalty from members of the Republican Party is worrisome.
    And he’s already kind of called in to question the peaceful transfer of power, and he’s made it very clear that, you know that he expects 100 percent loyalty from, 你懂, the Republican Party, which is no longer a Republican Party, but as he said is the party of Trump,” 希尔说. “There is no such thing as a congressional Republican Party. There’s no independent party entity from him.
      Hill joined the Trump administration in April of 2017 and served as the deputy assistant to the President and senior director for European and Russian Affairs until leaving in the summer of 2019.
        Hill was a witness in the first Trump impeachment hearing. She testified that it was “非常清楚” that the White House meeting in the Oval Office that the Ukrainians wantedwas being predicated on other issues, namely investigations and the questions about the election interference in 2016.
        Since leaving the Trump administration, Hill has been a staunch critic of Trump.
          I can certainly be sure that if he came back in, he would take vengeance on, 你懂, kind of everyone from me, and you know the people have spoken out,” she told CNN’s David Axelrod in the podcast out Thursday.
            Hill also warned that USdemocratic institutions must be protected.
            He’s trying to bully and intimidate everybody. 而且你知道, he’s bullying and intimidating people in the Republican Party who ought to know better. 我的意思是, I’m very disappointed that, 你懂, kind of people are not recognizing, 你懂, kind of the risk to the United States. Maybe they have a failure of imagination. 好, I don’t have that failure of imagination, because I’ve seen it,” 她说.