TSA on Wednesday screened the highest number of travelers in one day since the pandemic began

TSA on Wednesday screened the highest number of travelers in one day since the pandemic began

Americans are still traveling for the holidays.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued warnings against traveling over the holiday. While the overall number of travelers is still down, 그만큼 TSA still reported a massive spike in the number of people passing through airports.

Thanksgiving is often one of the busiest holidays for travel. 올해, 하나, 그만큼 CDC issued a warning against traveling to visit family and friends for the holiday due to a spike in coronavirus infections. The government agency warned Americans against visiting anyone for the holiday that they don’t already live with.


Since last Friday, 하나, the TSA has screened nearly five million people at the nation’s airports, Skift 보고서. 사실로, this time period has reportedly been the busiest that airports have seen since the pandemic began.

During this time period, the TSA reported that there were multiple days during which over a million travelers were screened. Before this, there was only one day since March that over a million travelers were recorded in a single day.

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Travel patterns have reportedly changed this year. 일반적으로, Thanksgiving is busiest during the days closest to the holiday. Due to remote work and school, 하나, families appear to have more flexibility and are apparently leaving for their trips earlier and returning later.

사무용 겉옷, 하나, the numbers are still significantly lower than last year. 에 따르면 TSA, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2019, 위에 2.6 million travelers were screened at airports across the country. 올해, just over 1 million travelers were screened. It is worth noting that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was the busiest day for the TSA since the outbreak began in March (Sunday was the second busiest).

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