Tsunami warning issued after earthquake near Alaska

A tsunami warning was issued Monday after a preliminary magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near Sand Point, 阿拉斯加州.

The warning was for the Alaska Peninsula and South Alaska, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, 阿拉斯加州.
For other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North America, the level of tsunami danger is being evaluated. Further information will be provided in supplementary messages,” 该机构说.
The earthquake’s epicenter was recorded less than 60 miles from Sand Point, near the Aleutian Peninsula in the southwestern part of the state.
    We did feel it,” Sand Point Clinic employee Lorna Osterback said. “This is a big one.
      Osterback said residents of the town will be heading to higher ground away from the shoreline in the wake of the large quake as they wait out the tsunami threat.
      We expect we will have another one in about half an hour,” noted Osterback. “We’re right on the fault line. I grew up here and it’s kind of normal.


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