Tucker blasts Afghanistan withdrawal: Biden did ‘necessary thing’ in ‘ugliest possible way’

The host plainly questioned what the appropriate method of withdrawal in this instance is while noting that the U.S. should’ve done so 19 hace años que.

Just because something is necessary doesn’t mean you get to ignore the details of it,” él dijo. “If you learned you needed an emergency appendectomy, would it matter to you who performed the operation – a surgeon with a scalpel or a drunk guy with a pocket knife?”

“sí, it would matter to you. But it didn’t matter to Joe Biden, aparentemente. He barely mentioned the withdrawal,” él agregó. “Biden did the necessary thing in the ugliest possible way.

Carlson referenced thefinal humiliating sceneof Afghans chasing down a U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft as it attempted to leave the runway, and criticized the government for failing to pull off anorderly retreat.

They couldn’t even secure a single runway,” él dijo. “And that’s the main lesson of the fall of Kabul. We are led by buffoons. They have no idea what they’re doing, we know that now. They’re imposters.


Most of what current U.S. leadership lacks is self-awareness, Carlson explained, as personnel like Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs John Kirby and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan attempt to brush off the situation at hand.

And much like the worsening immigration crisis at the southern border, the Biden administration continues to turn its back on American safety in announcing that evacuating U.S. citizens from Kabul would not be a priority.

So our government’s official position is that American lives are not more valuable than the lives of foreigners,” él dijo. “But you already knew that because you’ve seen our southern border.

Carlson warned Afghan refugees will soon start seeking asylum in the U.S. too and will be welcomed in with open arms – a developing movement that could bring in swarms by the millions.

First we invade and then we’re invaded,” él dijo. “It is always the same.

Why did the Taliban win? How did the sixth-century triumph over the 21st century?” Carlson asked. “Maybe it’s possible we failed in Afghanistan because the entire neo-liberal program is grotesque. It’s a joke.

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