タッカーカールソン: Biden's Supreme Court promise based on identity politics will end in tribal warfare

If Brian Fallon is so passionate about giving leadership roles to Black women, why hasn’t he resigned from his job and given it to one? You wonder that about a lot of people. ジョー・バイデン, 例えば.

In any case, you’ve got to hand it to Brian Fallon. Either he is remarkably prescient or someone in power was listening to him, because just this morning was announced that Stephen Breyer is indeed retiring from the Supreme Court.


And you notice the passive construction there. It was announced. Because Breyer himself did not announce his retirement. It’s not even clear Breyer knew the announcement was going to happen. Someone leaked that news with or without Justice Breyer’s consent. They didn’t wait for him to do it himself. なぜ? 上手, because Democrats understand they’re likely to lose the Congress this November. They want to control Breyer’s seat while they still can. So what are they going to do with that seat? We don’t need to guess. Joe Biden was very clear about his plans nearly two years ago as he was running for president. He didn’t tell us what he was going to do about COVID or foreign policy or the economy, but he was very precise about the Supreme Court.

Here’s Biden in March 2020 on the debate stage of CNN:

ジョー・バイデン: I committed that if I’m elected president and have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts will be I’ll appoint the first Black woman to the courts. If my cabinet, my administration will look like the country and I commit that, I will in fact appoint a, I’ll pick a woman to be vice president.

I will appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court. That was Biden’s promise. 大丈夫. But which Black woman exactly? Biden didn’t tell us. Biden didn’t mention the Supreme Court nominee’s legal qualifications or judicial philosophy or ability to perform one of the most important jobs in the country. He didn’t even tell us she was a nice person. All he said was she’s going to be Black and she’s going to be female, because to him, that’s all that mattered.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer (ロイター)

You almost got the impression that Joe Biden believes all Black women are the same. They’re identical. It was certainly the assumption in the Delaware of Joe Biden’s youth 60 数年前. Biden doesn’t seem to have changed much.

You wonder if anyone sitting there in CNNの audience that night even noticed this. It’s possible we’ve all marinated for so long in the casual racism of affirmative action that it seems normal now to reduce human beings to their race. But imagine if this was happening to you. How would you feel? You go to law school, you win a clerkship, you get a seat on some lower court. One day you’re nominated to be one of the top nine judges in the country. And you’re proud of that. Why wouldn’t you? Your parents are proud. Your friends are proud.


But Joe Biden, all Joe Biden can talk about is your skin color. Patronizing doesn’t even begin to describe what this is. This is exactly why decent Americans hated segregation. It dehumanized people. 今, Biden claims that his race counting is essential so that the court and the rest of his administrationlook like America.

Of all the lies that Joe Biden tells, this could be the easiest to check. We have the latest census numbers, and we can promise you with dead certainty that Joe Biden’s nominees look nothing like America, not even close.

Is that a problem? 上手, the problem for Biden is that once he starts saying things like this, once he begins to promise to represent every possible ethnic voting bloc equally, like some ward boss in 1950 シカゴ, people are going to start to wonder about their representation. As long as we’re divvying up the spoils like carrot cake, where’s my slice?


そう, Biden will nominate a Black woman. Great, she’ll represent about seven percent of the population. But where’s Biden’s Pacific Islander nominee? Mazie Hirono, is probably writing an outrageous letter about that right now. No doubt she is.

And why isn’t there an American Indian on the court or a genderqueer or someone from the chronic fatigue syndrome community or a justice with cognitive disabilities? Why isn’t there an Afghan refugee under consideration? You can laugh, but suddenly these are entirely fair questions, ところで, ジョー・バイデン, you claim that trans lives matter, 本当に, do you really mean that? Then prove it? What kind of woman is this anyway you plan to nominate? What are her pronouns?

You can see where this is going, where it always goes. Identity politics always ends with tribal warfare. It’s funny the Biden people can’t see that maybe they can see it and don’t care, or maybe it’s the entire point of the exercise.

Whatever the explanation, インクルード ホワイトハウス has no choice at this point but to make good on Joe Biden’s promise. Usual race mongers spent all day demanding it. 排除しない:

GLORIA BORGER: It is a history-making moment. … It will change the way the court looks. And we cannot understate that.

ABBY PHILLIPS: For this particular president, where he is today, with a need to give something that is of great importance to his supporters, people who put him into office, especially Black women, this is a really important moment.

LAURA COATES: I never had the luxury of leaving any part of my identity at the door before I walked into a courtroom. Walked into a boardroom. Walked onto these very sets on CNN. I brought with myself the entirety of being a Black woman, the lived experience of what that’s like in a country like this. I think it’s incumbent upon our country to recognize that if we do not bring all of America and the holistic views of people including Black women then we are doing a disservice to any objective evaluation of laws in this country.

ああ, this is so great, that lady, 特に. Here you have the most privileged people in the United States of America telling you at high volume with total certainty, they’re victims. Now that could describe most of CNN’s programming, 実際に. But that was especially hysterical. That oppressed woman is Laura Coates. Laura Coates went to an expensive private school in Minnesota. Then she headed off to Princeton, and then she went to law school. Now she’s on TV, all because of how victimized she has been.

It’s almost enough to make you like America when you learn that someone that completely marginalized is now so powerful. Sounds like a success story. しかし、, explains Laura Coates. 実際には, it’s still more evidence that America is an evil and racist place.

JOHN KING: What would it be like for somebody on the Supreme Court? 最後に, who looks like you?

LAURA COATES: I would be overjoyed and thrilled.

How much does John King hate himself? He’s got to, 正しい, on some level saying stuff like that. What would it be like to finally see some of the Supreme Court who looks like you. Thank God. 最後に, Laura Coates can have some justice in this country at long last. Maybe someone will send her to Princeton for free again just to make it official. She’s been liberated.