Tucker Carlson: Canada's leaders are panicking because their citizens are tired of tyranny

We’ve been covering this truck strike in Kanada all week and at the end of the week there were a couple of different images that kind of floated around your head. Picture the cops stealing the fuel from the freezing truckers. Picture the smiling trucker talking about love and waving the Canadian flag. Totally non-threatening. Maar bowenal, you remember the hysteria of the people in charge as they look out on the sea of working-class people who are sick of being pushed around. The people in charge are extremely upset about this. Hysterical. It’s hilarious. You can just picture a transportation secretary, little Pete Buttigieg jumping up and down, shaking his little hands, screaming at the truck drivers, get off my bridge, you guys, get off my bridge right now!

It’s not just Mayor Pete, you remember those angry tweets from the CNN contributor who suggested we should slash their tires, siphon their diesel fuel, throw them in prison. They’re all Torquemada now. They are talking like they are scary. But keep in mind, these are not displays of power. This is not how confident people talk. These are squeaks of impotence. Our leaders are furious at the truckers because they know that there’s not a lot they can do about the truckers. They don’t know anything about trucks, for one thing. How do you get a truck off a bridge, especially when it has no fuel or tires? They have no idea You just order someone to do it. It’s kind of like an Uber eats. Some guy trots out and removes the truck. Die probleem is, the people who drive the trucks don’t feel like following orders anymore. They are ignoring Pete Buttigieg.


If you actually want to move a big rig, you need tow truck operators. And those tow truck operators know truckers. They know truckers are not a racist. They are not Nazi’s no matter how many times Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau claim they are. So some of them aren’t inclined to help. David Allen, byvoorbeeld, is the president of Gary’s Towing in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He told Canadian mediawe have all the capabilities on our tow trucks to do it, but I don’t think anyone would want to.Another tow truck operator said even if tow truck operators wanted to help, carry out Pete Buttigieg’s orders it would be very hard, “Op die ou end, the truckers get a say on whether you are taking that truck away or not.There are technical reasons for this, it turns out trucks are heavy. They have air brakes and steel-belted tires. Some truckers removed their tires completely. So what now? Now is when you start to panic. And they definitely are. This afternoon the Prime Minister of Canada clearly who is Fidel Castro’s illegitimate son, came out from hiding to threaten the protesters directly.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands with Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands with Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP)

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JUSTIN TRUDEAU: If you join the protests because you are tired of COVID, you now need to understand that to you are breaking laws. The consequences are becoming more and more severe. You don’t want to end up losing your license, end up with a criminal record, which will impact your job, your livelihood, even your ability to travel internationally including to the U.S.

You could be breaking laws! That’s the funniest part. These people don’t care about the law at all. They believe they make the law. This is the prime minister who ordered the cops to steal people’s fuel. There is no law that says you can’t have fuel in Ottawa. He just made that up. Now he’s lecturing about the law. Joe Biden who was violating federal law on the grand scale every day by importing two million people illegally without your consent, he’s upset about the law. Justin Trudeau is so upset he is threatening the truckers’ kinders. “It’s time to go home especially if you have your kids with you,” Trudeau said. Wouldn’t want something to happen to them.

Trudeau also attacked the protesters for closing the border. Only Justin Trudeau is allowed to do that. Which he has done for more than a year. So what are we watching here? It’s more than hypocrisy. What we are watching is panic. Justin Trudeau knows that nobody joined the protest because they aretired of COVID.They are tired of tyranny. They are tired of being told to inject something into their bodies they don’t want, whose long-term effects cannot be known. Sold by companies that are protected, that have immunity from public recourse.


We also know that what they told us to do didn’t work. The lockdowns didn’t work. Johns Hopkins came out and said it the other day. Pretty conclusively. That is what people are mad about. They want their freedom back. They are not tired of the virus, they are tired of the leaders who have used the virus to give themselves more power. And they’re still doing it. Here is Ontario’s premier Doug Ford. He announced today that instead of lifting his useless mandates, he’s going to steal the truckers money, fine them, and send them to jail.

Doug Ford

Doug Ford

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