塔克·卡尔森: Only Texas has the ability to stop Biden's disaster at the southern border

There have been some drop-offs in Nashville, some in Knoxville, some in Chattanooga, a couple in 亚特兰大,” the driver said. “That’s just as far as I go, then the children continue on further.

Another source familiar with what’s going on told Fox-17 that some children were taken as far as 纽约, 芝加哥迈阿密. But there’s a problem. If you’re trying to change the population of a country without the people who already live there finding out, it’s tough to do with busses. Because when you pull a bus packed with illegal migrants from a foreign country, without the proper ID, without the right to be in this country at all, people tend to notice. So the Biden administration came up with a different plan.

“现在, they’re flying the kids because the buses were easier to videotape going down the highway.

随着边境危机的持续, 房屋法案将大幅削减 CBP 资金 $ 1乙

Ask yourself, 顺便说说, if you change the population of a country without the consent of the people who live there, is that democracy? Doesn’t that country belong to the people who live there? It’s their country, that’s what democracy is. But what if a small number of hardened ideologues decided to take it away from those people and give it to foreign nationals? That would not be democracy.

Some footage of buses hauling illegal immigrants was shot by the Center for Immigration Studies back in March.

NARRATOR: What’s happening most of the time if that they’re boarding buses and heading into America’s heartland. A conveyor belt of commercial and charter buses just like this one out of Del Rio, TX. They’re carrying tens of thousands sight unseen from TX, AZ and CA borderlands northward and they’re dropping Haitian, Venezuelan and Central American family units in FL, 新泽西, TN, MA, 我, NC, GA, KY and to large cities in TX such as Dallas and Houston.

How is this not the biggest story in the country? You’re changing the population of America without the consent of Americans, and doing it secretly, on a huge scale, and no one is noticing?

Six months after Inauguration Day, that tells you everything you need to know about how the 拜登政府 plans to address the border crisis. They’re not going to stop the flow of illegal migrants across the southern border. 没有. 代替, they’re going to provide those illegal immigrants with free transportation to any city of their choice. And when you notice it, they won’t stop. They’ll just find a different method of transportation. How is this not an invasion? That’s exactly what it is, and it’s being abetted by the Biden administration.

Here are the numbers: In May of last year, 总共 24,000 individuals were encountered at the Southwestern land border. In May of this year, that number was over 180,000. That’s the equivalent of the entire city of Chattanooga, 田纳西州, showing up at the southern border every single month. And we’re not cherry-picking data. Last April, 17,000 people showed up at the southern border. 今年四月, the number was over 178,000. It’s that kind of increase, dramatic to the point that your eyes pop open, every month of this year since 乔·拜登 became president.


在所有, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year is already at its highest level since 2006 — with four months still uncounted.

BILL MELUGIN: in less than an hour, the smugglers have brought a group of at least sixty migrants into the United States just in this spot alone. Many of them women and children. Border patrol buses can’t get down to the river’s edge, so agents have to lead the migrants up a hill to a processing area. That’s where they’re joined by other migrants who have also illegally crossed on rafts in the area. It’s big business for the human smugglers who continue to benefit the most from the ongoing border crisis.

That report makes a key point. A lot of people coming over are economic migrants, moving from very poor countries to the largest welfare state in the world, which is our country. And why wouldn’t they do that? You’d probably do the same if you could. We shouldn’t allow them, but you can’t blame them for wanting to. But not all of them are good people with obvious human motives like that. Some of them are very bad people. Some of them have preexisting criminal records.


According to Customs and Border Protection, immigration authorities have arrested 760 illegal immigrants since October in the Laredo section of Texas. Last year during that period, 只要 60 people were arrested. That’s a 900% increase in the number of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds. 顺便说说, that’s not all who came here, those are just the ones we detained. We should tell you that includes sex offenders and gang members, not just drunk drivers. And it includes a lot of drug traffickers. Mexico is in the middle of a drug war right now, 一个真正的.

According to the Texas Department of Public safety, just in the last year, fentanyl seizures have surged more than 800% in Texas alone. 记住, fentanyl is extremely difficult to detect. It doesn’t take much. It’s odorless and colorless, it’s very easy to smuggle fentanyl, that’s why they do it.

Seen the OD rates in the United States? They’re off the charts. Those deaths are being fed by the drug trade coming across our southern border. It’s killing Americans. So this is a disaster, and the numbers prove it.

But according to 卡马拉·哈里斯, it’s great progress:

KAMALA: To the men and women who are on the ground every day, I commend all of them for the success that they have seen thus far. Call it progress. We’re not exactly where we want to be yet but we have seen extreme progress over these last few months.

Extreme progress, as the numbers rise, and as the Biden administration, without your permission or knowledge, but at your expense, moves some unknown thousands of people into the interior of the United States where they get new lives on federal programs. Not a slam on them, but it’s an attack, and one we should all join in, on the people making it possible.

问题是: what can we do about it? The administration is out of control, there’s no oversight at all from Congress, certainly not from the media. The stakes couldn’t be higher. 这一点, there’s only one way to stop it. There’s only one man who can. His name is 格雷格·雅培, and he is the governor of Texas. The Governor could send the National Guard to the border and seal it. It’s his border too. 有 19,000 soldiers in its national guard. Greg Abbott has only deployed 500 of them to the border. 这是为什么? Why not seal the border between 德州 and Mexico? 加利福尼亚州 is not going to do it. 亚利桑那 may or may not. Texas could tomorrow.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the June 29, 2021, 版本 “塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)今晚。”