'Tucker Carlson Originals' uncovers how wind energy is destroying landscape, livelihoods

エピソードで, Blown Away: The People Vs Wind Power,” Carlson and his production crew uncover the human cost of wind energy, traveling across the country to find out how turbines have the capability to decimate wildlife and, in turn, peoples livelihood.

Three months into his presidency, ジョー・バイデン issued permits to foreign companies for a massive 160,000-acre wind farm, known as Vineyard Wind 1, off the coast of Rhode Island. Rather than tinker with Barack Obama’s scenic view in Martha’s Vineyard, the government decided to place the wind farm 15 海岸から数マイル.

The area is home to one of the most productive fisheries in the country.


“最終的に, the wind farms are going to take 50% of my life away,” said Mark Philips, a 43-year fisherman. They’re going to take the whole summer fishery away. And you know… I don’t know what we’ll do after that.

The turbines, which many believe to be clean and environmentally friendly, do not exclusively cause harm underwater, but also high up in the sky.

According to Carlson, wind turbines kill so many endangered animals, particularly birds, that the Obama and then the Biden administrations issued waivers that exempt wind companies from the Endangered Species Act.

Lisa Linowes, an expert on the impact of industrial-scale wind energy development on the environment and regional grid systems, said that bats are particularly vulnerable to turbines. With turbine blades capable of moving at speeds of up to 200 マイル/時, the pressure vortexes created cause the batslungs to explode midair. Lisa added that bats, which farmers and the ecosystem depend on, are now moving into the territory of extinction.

Golden eagles, bald eagles, and songbirds are also heavily impacted by wind turbine development.

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This is not about the environment. This is not about climate change. This is not about getting us off fossil fuel. This is not about reducing our emissions,” asserted Linowes. “This is purely about money. That’s why these projects are being built. There’s an enormous amount of money. It’s JP Morgan, it’s Goldman Sachs –- tey are heavily involved in expanding wind energy in this country.

In the full episode of Tucker Carlson Originals’ Blown Away: The People Vs Wind Power,” Carlson takes a deep dive into the human impact of the green energy agenda and how politicians and elites are able to capitalize on impoverished regions of the United States.

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