Tucker Carlson: The world no longer cares what Joe Biden says

The whole thing was awful, was totally weird and embarrassing, not just to him, but to the country. At one point, Biden treated us to a stream of consciousness thoughts about his son’s former employer; that would be a small, corrupt nation called Ukraine. Apparently, Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia — unlike, say, our southern border with Mexico — is a sacred boundary created by God that must be protected at all costs, up to and including, American lives. Why is that? Joe Biden didn’t say. 

The whole thing was confusing enough that we’re going to spend some time unpacking it at much greater length on tomorrow’s show. But in the meantime, here’s what you should know. You are currently funding a proxy battle in Ukraine against the nuclear-armed Russian military, and that could very well erupt into a hot war that includes you, the United States. If nothing else, Biden made that very clear. So sleep well tonight. 


Then Biden bragged about himself, as he tends to do whenever he’s awake. “Can you think of any other president who’s done so much in a year?” he asked at one point. How do you respond to a question like that? Biden didn’t wait for the answer. Instead, he got mad at a reporter who dared asked him about COVID. 

REPORTER: Did you overpromise to the American public what you could achieve in your first year in office? And how do you plan to coursecorrect going forward? 

BIDEN: Why are you such an optimist? Look, I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen. 

Outperformed. Well, it’s true, actually. Outperform – meaning more Americans have died from coronavirus on my watch than under evil anti-science Cheeto man; which isn’t easy you dog-faced, pony soldier. Stick that in your hat and smoke it. It got weirder from there. 

Biden talked about his so-called voting rights legislation, which only Nazis oppose. Without that legislation, the next election will almost certainly be fraudulent, rigged, illegitimate, stolen. See how that works? If you complain about an election after the fact, you’re an insurrectionist. The Justice Department may indict you for sedition. But if you complain about an election ahead of time preemptively, then you’re a civil rights leader. There’s a difference, Mr. Man. Learn it. Love it, live it. 

President Joe Biden holds a formal news conference. REUTERS 

President Joe Biden holds a formal news conference. REUTERS 




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