Tucker Carlson warns Democrats are pushing to ‘criminalize political dissent’


If you’re planning to be in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, your nation’s capital, be careful. It turns out a group of political extremists plans to shut the city down. We’re not guessing about this because they’re not very subtle about what they intend to do. They literally call their group Shutdown D.C. You can go to their website.

On it, the extremists describe the violence they plan to commit tomorrow in Washington. They are planning quote “disruptive direct action to end” quote “business as usual and dismantle this country’s core systems of government.” In case there is any remaining doubt about their goal, they are calling tomorrow’s disruptive direct action quote “December 7th Shut Down the Capital.” As in the United States capital.

So what would you call an event like this? There is really no other word for it. It’s an insurrection. It’s a planned uprising against our elected government. In fact, it’s an attack on democracy itself. This may be the most organized attack since the Civil War and 9/11.

Now if you’ve been paying attention for the past year — last 11 months to the day, in fact — you probably assume our elected officials vehemently oppose this. They are against insurrections. In fact, at this point, insurrections are the main thing they’re against. Their whole job is to oppose insurrecting.

Nancy Pelosi tells us that every day, so does Liz Cheney. But not in this case.

It turns out some insurrections are just fine. It depends on who is planning on insurrecting.

Just today, Nancy Pelosi’s top bodyguard, William J. Walker, installed in march, the House sergeant-at-arms issued a statement describing tomorrow’s insurrection as the “Shutdown the Capital Event” by the way, this is the city-wide First Amendment Demonstration.

No big deal, implied Walker, just a group of political extremists coming to shut down the U.S. Congress while it is in session. It is not a threat.

The funny thing is Walker’s hilariously understated response to tomorrow’s outbreak of left-wing violence, which again on the internet sounds a lot like the government’s initial response to the rally in January. That’s when conservatives descended on the city.

On the morning of January 6th, the Regional Director at the D.H.S., the Department of Homeland Security, wrote a memo with this subject line: Updates on rallies and protests. That day, D.H.S. was tracking three major rallies. One of them featured a speech by the then sitting President about election integrity.

Pursuant to National Park Service Permit 21-0278, the D.H.S. expected about 20,000 people to attend. The event was at The Ellipse just south of the White House. All of these people, the D.H.S. bulletin made clear had a constitutional right to be there. They also had a right to leave The Ellipse and go wherever they wanted because it was at the time, anyway, their country.

Quote: “It is expected,” the memo said, ” … that a portion of this group will march to the United States Capitol,” and they did. It was a hardly surprise when they did it. It was all as Pelosi would say of tomorrow’s planned insurrection a quote, “First Amendment demonstration.” It was Americans peacefully assembling to express their political views as for nearly 250 years, the Bill of Rights has guaranteed that they can. There is nothing more American than that, we’ve heard that for decades.

And yet, here is the change. Suddenly, it is a crime to do this depending upon who you voted for.

This is Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi. He is a sitting Member of Congress. He is the Chairman of the House Committee that claims to be looking into what happened on January 6th, but of course, Bennie Thompson already knows perfectly well what happened on January 6th. He and the rest of the Committee are sitting on thousands of hours of videotape that they refuse to release to the public.

So fact-finding is hardly the point of the mission here. The point very clearly and ever more clearly with each passing day is to criminalize political dissent.

Now, that’s a strong claim and if you doubt it, watch Bennie Thompson explain how he plans to handle a former Trump official that the Committee has subpoenaed, that he has subpoenaed.

Now, the man in question has not been charged or even accused of any crime. This man was not inside the Capitol Building on January 6th, and yet, here is Bennie Thompson warning that if this man dares to use his Fifth Amendment right, the right not to incriminate himself, then he is by definition guilty of a crime.


REP. BENNIE THOMPSON (D-MS): Our charge is to get to the facts. Mr. Clark through his attorney has been deliberately avoiding us. Obviously, he is aware that something went on that’s illegal and rather than be responsible and answer, he is pleading the Fifth.

But if he is saying, okay, I’ll come, but I’ll plead the Fifth, then in some instances, that says you’re part and parcel guilty to what occurred.


CARLSON: If you plead the Fifth, you’re guilty. What country is this? So assert your constitutional rights and we will punish you. That is the chairman of the January 6th Committee. What you just saw is far more imminently dangerous to our democracy than anything that happened on January 6th itself, it’s not even close, and yet it is by and large being ignored.

Did you read about that in “The New York Times”? How about “The Washington Post”? Even conservative media, to their great shame, is by and large ignoring this story. Why are they ignoring it? We will let you reach your own conclusions on that.

But in the darkness that results, our democracy is indeed dying by degree. We can tell you tonight for example, the Democrats in Congress have just subpoenaed AT&T. They are seeking the phone records of a young woman called Caroline Wren.

Caroline Wren did not break into the Capitol on January 6th. She wasn’t even there. Caroline Wren is a Republican fundraiser who once worked for Lindsey Graham. She helped organize donations for the rally that day and her name is on the permit for it. That’s it. That’s her rap sheet.

For doing that, the most constitutionally protected of all activities, the January 6 Committee is demanding all of Caroline Wren’s phone records. That would include all of her text messages from November 1st 2020 to January 31st of this year.

Democrats on the Committee are also trying to seize — and when we say Democrats we are including in this Liz Cheney — and they’re trying to seize her bank records. They are trying to seize everything she has written by hand including her personal diary entries.

Now, you don’t have to love Donald Trump to find all of this sickening and scary. Do you really want to live in a country where Nancy Pelosi and Bennie Thompson, crazed partisans with no interest whatsoever in the United States Constitution can seize your bank records? Your text messages? Your diary? Simply because they don’t like who you voted for in the last election.

Most Americans do not want to live in a country like that. A country like that is called Haiti, but suddenly it’s America.

This show has learned that other subpoenas from the January 6 Commission to phone companies are in progress. They target Americans who have been accused of no crime whatsoever, much less charged with one.

Cleta Mitchell for example, a prominent Republican lawyer was just informed by AT&T that Democrats want her phone records, several months of her phone records. Why? On what grounds? Because Cleta Mitchell once spoke to Donald Trump about the vote in Georgia and complaining about election results is now a crime.

We’ve reached out to AT&T about this. Effectively, they have told us they are going to comply with the subpoenas from Congressional Democrats. They’re probably afraid not to comply, but all of us should be every bit as afraid of this. It is terrifying.

John Eastman is one of the targets of this attack on our course of liberties. Eastman spoke at the rally on January 6th, he once advised Donald Trump.

On Friday, Verizon informed John Eastman that unless he can get a court order to stop it, they plan to turn over his personal text messages to Nancy Pelosi and Bennie Thompson.

John Eastman joins us tonight.

Mr. Eastman, thank you very much for coming on.

JOHN EASTMAN, ATTORNEY: Tucker, thanks very much. Oh it’s my pleasure. What a scary time in which we find ourselves.

CARLSON: It’s absolutely horrifying and there is a news blackout on it and shame on the people who are not covering one of the most amazing developments in my lifetime, which is the total destruction of our civil liberties.

To be totally clear, in your case, are you charged with or even accused of a crime?

EASTMAN: No, and there is absolutely no evidence that I had any connection or communications with anybody who is charged with crimes.

This is you know — we’ve got a Fourth Amendment for one very clear reason. The English used to issue what was called general warrants and writs of assistant that would authorize these officers to just, you know go wherever they wanted to look for evidence of crime. This is the modern high-tech version of a general warrant.

They can’t prove anything. There is no probable cause. There is no linkage to any criminal activity that has occurred for how many hundreds of people on this subpoena list that were sent to Verizon and AT&T and probably every other phone company in the country. There is no evidence at all, but they want to track Americans’ thinking. They want to know who your contacts are, they want to know who you are communicating with about election integrity.

And going back from before even the election occurred, so you know going after your core First Amendment rights to engage in political inquiry and discussion.

I mean, this is scary. It is First Amendment. It is Fourth Amendment. It is Fifth Amendment as you talked about Jeff Clark.

Bennie Thompson wants to presume people guilty rather than presume innocence as our Constitution requires. It is Sixth Amendment, the right to counsel.

I mean they are going after lawyers like Cleta Mitchell and their phone records, undoubtedly, records that include attorney-client privilege communications.

CARLSON: Of course.

EASTMAN: I mean, they’re just shredding the entire Constitution and then claiming that it’s us that don’t support the Constitution. It really is rather extraordinary.

But you know, Tucker, I guess, we shouldn’t be surprised. This group that wants to advance a Soviet, communist-style agenda, we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re using Soviet Stalinist tactics to do it.

CARLSON: Well, so where is the White Army here? I mean, where are the people still — obviously, we can’t comply with this. You can’t allow it. The country does not belong to Bennie Thompson and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney’s daughter, it belongs to Americans, and you cannot allow them to eliminate our civil liberties.

But are Congressional Republicans defending you? They are about to win a big election in a year. Who is saying, no, we’re not going along with this.

EASTMAN: Well, you know hopefully there will be some Congressional Republicans, but this is one of the problems with this Committee. The authorizing statute for the resolution for this Committee said five of the 13 had to be appointed after consultation with the Minority Leader of the House.

Nancy Pelosi refused Kevin McCarthy’s nominees to the Committee particularly, Jim Banks and Jim Jordan because she knew they would be effective in exposing this sham of a Committee, and so now, we don’t even have a Ranking Minority Member on the Committee to give equal time for the questioning of witnesses.

CARLSON: So why comply? I mean, honestly, at this point — look, if it’s totally fake, this is just some Soviet show trial, which it is, then why would the rest of us have any kind of obligation to play along with it, honestly?

EASTMAN: Well, we shouldn’t, but Congress has the power to issue criminal contempt. Normally those don’t go anywhere on such charades as this, but the Department of Justice is fully in line, and you know they’ve already brought one criminal indictment against one of the people that refused to comply.

And you know, and the phone companies I think would prefer not to comply, but you know they’re going to be held in criminal contempt if they don’t. So they have now forced me and my lawyers to work with some of these other people to file a court action to try and block these unbelievably expansive and unconstitutional subpoenas of our private records and communications.

CARLSON: Yes, it would be nice if some of the media would cover this, maybe everybody.

John Eastman, I appreciate your coming on tonight and I hope that you will come back.

EASTMAN: Let me —

CARLSON: Yes, please go ahead.

EASTMAN: I will. Let me ask, if people want to help with this, we’ve got a legal fund set up. It’s called gifts&go.com/eastman and they can send support for that. We have got to push back against this stuff or we’re going to lose our country before our eyes.

CARLSON: Yes, office holders. There are a lot of Republican office holders, there are about to be a lot more, so maybe they could sort of wake up and do something once in a while. It would be good.

Anyway, Mr. Eastman, thank you. Appreciate your coming on.

EASTMAN: Thank you, Tucker. Take care.

CARLSON: Joseph McBride has been on this, really since the very beginning. He is one of the rare competent attorneys representing the January 6th defendants, a bunch of them. In a Court filing last week, McBride alleges there are at least four agent provocateurs, people who were in contact with the Justice Department on January 6th. These people have never been charged.

You’ve seen some of these videos, they’re unbelievable. People encouraging the crowd to break the law and those people have never been charged.

He has seen unreleased videos, Mr. McBride has, that reveal extreme police brutality inside the Capitol. D.O.J. has kept those videos under seal, of course. McBride wants them released publicly. There is so much going on tonight.

Joseph McBride joins us now.

Mr. McBride, thanks so much for coming on. So first, we’ll break this in half.

The first part of the story is the people who are on tape encouraging illegality, which is itself a crime who have not been charged. What is tonight the status on that as of tonight?

JOSEPH MCBRIDE, ATTORNEY: After months of investigation, Tucker, these people still have not been charged. We have multiple people on the ground, four in particular that we have identified.

Let me just call one of these people out. Somebody who was tagged on the internet by Sedition Hunters and Capitol Hunters as Redface 45. This is a person who was dressed in Trump gear, in MAGA gear. He is covered in red from head to toe. He has face paint — his face is painted MAGA red.

He has got a trump hat on, a Keep America Great Again hat on, yet, he is clearly a law enforcement officer. He interacts with uniformed personnel. He interacts with agents in the crowd.

He passes up weapons, sledgehammers, poles, mace, some of those things come into contact with other protesters who have subsequently been charged with possessing dangerous weapons and are using dangerous weapons at the Capitol. That is clearly — that is clearly entrapment. That is clearly the government creating conditions of dangerousness and entrapping members of the crowd to possess weapons and possibly use them for reasons that we cannot comprehend.

CARLSON: Wait, may I interrupt you right there. Why is it so difficult — let’s put his picture back on the screen — why is it so difficult in an age of facial recognition, this is the largest drag net in the history of American justice for one Republican Member of Congress to force an answer. Who is this person? Why hasn’t he been charged?

That’s a very simple ask. Why hasn’t it been delivered?

MCBRIDE: That is a great question and if you’re a Republican Congressman or a Democrat Congressman or an Independent Congressperson listening tonight, I implore you, I encourage you to dig into this and to help us because our democracy and our way of life is at stake. It is on the chopping block right now, and unless you fulfill your oath to your constituents and to your country to step up and to do the right thing here, then our democracy will be lost. There is no doubt about it.

You have to help us.

CARLSON: Yes. We have an absolute right to know exactly who this person is, at least the other three who are encouraging violence and haven’t been charged.

Very quickly, you’ve seen videotape the rest of us have not seen that indicates there was quite a bit of violence and they’ve highlighted a lot of violence, they’ve hidden other forms of violence, when are we going to get to see these tapes and on what grounds are they being withheld from the public?

MCBRIDE: They are being withheld from the public because like the Kennedy assassination, the government does not want us to see the truth about what happened on January 6th.

I filed the motion this week asking for the unmasking of these videos. That motion was joined by “The New York Times” in a 16-point press conglomerate. They signed on and they said, you know what, we want to see the truth about what happened as well.

The police brutality that took place inside of that tunnel is objectionable. There was one woman in particular who was wearing a red MAGA hat who was beaten within an inch of her life. Guess what? She lived and she is likely at some point going to tell that tale.

Rosanne Boylan died at the foot of those steps. Ashli Babbitt was murdered on national TV and nobody has said nothing. The other side has labeled her an insurrectionist when she was nothing of the sort, nothing of the kind.

The truth is going to come out. They cannot stop it. That is why we are asking for the government and for the Judge, quite frankly to release these tapes and let the chips fall where they may.

Let the public and let the media objectively look at the evidence here and make a decision about what really happened that day. The truth is on our side. We are not hiding anything, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, exactly. If you believe in democracy, then you understand the public has a right to know what happens in its name, in its Capitol Building, especially if you’re going to change America on the basis of that day, let’s find out what happened that day.

It’s very, very simple, and I appreciate all your efforts to make that come true. Joseph McBride.

MCBRIDE: Thank you so much, Tucker, and if I may, Patriot Freedom Project, go there if you want to help us. It’s a great — it’s a great place where Patriot Freedom Project is helping the families who have been affected by this and raising legal funds as well.

Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Thank you.

So a lot of people have been targeted for their political views in the name of January 6th. These people who were never in the Capitol or near the Capitol that day. We spoke to a bunch of those people.

Two of them in particular, Paul and Marilyn Hueper for our documentary series, “Patriot Purge.” Federal agents raided their home, seized their belongings even though there was no evidence they had done anything wrong or set foot in the Capitol that day.


MARILYN HUEPER, HOME SEARCHED BY F.B.I.: They wouldn’t let us make a phone call. They refused to let me examine the warrant and then, the main agent who was questioning me, he said, we have footage of you all over the Capitol that day and even inside Nancy Pelosi’s office.

They said, well, we’re looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. We are here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

CARLSON: Of course, she didn’t have it because she never went inside the Capitol Building. They had the wrong person.

M. HUEPER: And then he showed me a photo, a distant fuzzy photo, a profile of a woman in the hallway in the Capitol, and I was just like, is that who you think I am? Can we both see that this is two different people? I said, do you want me to put it in my report that you lied to a Federal agent and grabbed the paper and left again and went back to searching my laptop.

And then he took a little tiny copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution —

PAUL HUEPER, HOME SEARCHED BY F.B.I.: This is how the government sees you.

M. HEUPER: Domestic violent extremism.

P. HEUPER: They seized my copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They seized that as evidence against me. What is that saying?


CARLSON: You can watch “Patriot Purge” on FOX Nation. It is worth it. You can get it for free for 30 days at tuckercarlson.com.

So, Jussie Smollett, we believe in telling you what happens at the end of the story. We’re coming to the end of the story. He is on trial right now for faking a hate crime against himself. He took the stand today, revealed pretty — all things bizarre — but it’s worth hearing about, and we’ve got the details for you straight ahead.


CARLSON: So in a move that that confused a lot of lawyers who are watching, Jussie Smollett took the stand today in his fake hate crime trial. No one really expected that, but it’s America, things happen that you don’t expect pretty much every day and it was every bit as weird as you would imagine.

Luckily, FOX’s Matt Finn is here for us tonight to sum up what we learned today. Hey, Matt.


Jussie Smollett testified under oath today multiple times that there was no hoax. Smollett and his defense team are now trying to discredit the Chicago Police and the Osundairo brothers and potentially create some doubt from the jury.

Some of the highlights from Smollett on the stand today. Smollett says that he did not call police after his alleged attack because as a black man quote, “He does not trust police.” Smollett also explained that on the night of the alleged attack, one of the Osundairo brothers called him and told him that he needed to eat some eggs in order to keep up with his meal plan so that is why Smollett went to a nearby Walgreens and a Subway after 1:00 AM on a frigid night.

Smollett testified that he did have sexual encounters with one of the Osundairo brothers and that one of the Osundairo brothers also provided him drugs that goes against what the one of Osundairo brothers said on the stand last week.

Smollett also insists he has a scar beneath one of his eyes because he did suffer from real injuries although the Northwestern doctor who testified last week said that after he reviewed Jussie Smollett, he had no known injuries after the alleged attack.

Smollett is back on the stand tomorrow for cross-examination and the Judge says that this case could wrap by Wednesday. We’ll be here and we’ll keep you updated — Tucker.

CARLSON: Amazing. Matt Finn, thanks so much for that.

FINN: Thank you.

CARLSON: So cameras were not allowed in the courtroom today or obviously, we’d have a lot of amazing footage for you, but we do have some idea of what Jussie Smollett was saying because he hasn’t really changed what he has been saying for the past three years.

So back in 2019, he argued that only a racist wouldn’t take his story at face value.


JUSSIE SMOLLETT, ACTOR: If I had said it was a Muslim or Mexican or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more, a lot more, and that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now.

The fact that we have these fear mongrels, these people that are trying to separate us and it is just not okay.


CARLSON: Fear mongrels. They were a problem then, they’re a problem now.

Candace Owens is the host of “Candace,” she has been following all this for a couple of years now, she joins us with her reaction.

Candace, it is great to see you tonight. What do you make of this?

CANDACE OWENS, POLITICAL MENTATOR: Oh, wow. I mean, honestly, I make that his defense should have actually said pled insanity and I would have bought it. Like when you listen to the story and you really follow every element of this like Jussie Smollett is not a sane person.

And what people are forgetting is that he is asking you to believe, you know there is this thing called Occam’s Razor, right? Usually the simplest explanation is the best explanation. He is asking you to believe — just an incredible set of circumstances took place here. He wants you to believe how many black people do you think go through two hate crimes in one week? That somebody sent him a letter to on-set like the Zodiac Killer, right, cutting out every single letter and it was from you know — signed MAGA, right? Because it was all about Donald Trump.

It was signed MAGA. The police say actually this came from Jussie, right, and then just five days later, Jussie Smollett goes to get a Subway sandwich and some eggs at Walgreens at 1:00 AM in the morning on a frigid night and what do you know? Some MAGA supporters jump out. He doesn’t recognize the voice of his lover, right, the person that he has a sexual relationship with, right?

He wants you to believe all of these circumstances. His lover is lying on him. He didn’t — he couldn’t see at night that these were actually two tall Nigerian black men. The police department has it against him. The person that was in the ride-along is lying about what happened.

He never said they were wearing a MAGA hat. The Police Chief is lying on him.

I mean you have to be an absolute fool to believe anything else than what is plainly in front of us, Jussie Smollett lied. It is actually the greatest racial hoax that has taken place at least in the last three decades, right?

He should face way deeper charges than he is facing right now, way steeper charges. It is actually in my opinion, Kim Foxx should be on the stand, you know for less than the charges that are against him.

CARLSON: Well, so you wonder — I mean, what’s so in — I guess, the infuriating part of this is look, you got caught, you’re busted, you did it. It’s kind of insulting to the rest of us to pretend you didn’t when clearly you did and moreover, you wonder what percentage of the population will believe that he was framed or whatever.

OWENS: Absolutely nobody believes this. Nobody believes this, but Jussie and the people that want him to get off and his solution is, I told a really big lie, so I’m just going to tell an even bigger lie to try to get away with it, right? I’m going to move from one conspiracy theory to the next.

And the last thing I’ll say here, Tucker, is just imagine if the races were reversed. Imagine if two white men pretended that two black men had attacked them. What would the media be saying right now? What would be the charges? What would be the demands right now?

This is incredibly racist what he did, right, incredibly racist, meant to cause racial division in this country. At the end of the day, he is going to get a light tap on the wrist if he even gets that.

CARLSON: I would never defend any of this and I wish Robin Roberts of ABC, the ever credulous was on the stand today, see if she has changed her mind about this.

Candace Owens, I bet she hasn’t. Great to see you, thank you so much.

OWENS: Thank you.

CARLSON: So Bill de Blasio, believe it or not, is still technically the Mayor of New York City. He is a lame duck. There is a new mayor on the way, but de Blasio in his last remaining weeks has decided to just burn the rest of it down, like what the hell. He is leaving just totally wrecking the city.

So de Blasio announced today that all private sector employees must be vaxxed and kids by the end of the month. Will that happen? Does anyone care what he says? Maybe. We’ve got the latest.

We’ll be right back.


CARLSON: So, let’s say you’re President of the United States and you wake up in the morning, look at your poll numbers and find yourself somewhat less popular than chlamydia. What do you do?

You’ve already lost control of the border and of the economy, of the society itself, so maybe you would start a war with Russia. Totally possible.

Desperate politicians do desperate things. That is possible. We’ll be hitting that in some detail tomorrow night, we hope you’ll stay for that.

Speaking of desperate politicians, the Mayor of the City of New York for less than a month is still Bill de Blasio. He is a lame duck. I mean, he has decided to burn the place down on his way out.

Bill de Blasio has now announced today that basically everybody in the city is getting the shot. There is a vaccine mandate for all private sector employees. Watch.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY: As of today, we’re going to announce a first in the nation measure, our Health Commissioner will announce a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board. All private sector employers in New York City will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of December 27th.


CARLSON: He didn’t think he could do more damage than he did, but he is working hard to do yet more.

Joe Borelli is a city councilman in the City of New York. We are honored to have him join us tonight. Mr. Borelli, thanks so much for coming on.


CARLSON: So, this guy is barely the mayor. He is totally discredited. I’ve never met anybody who supports him, literally not one person. He is the worst mayor in American history and now, he is telling private sector companies that they have to impose the shot on their employees. Will this actually happen?

BORELLI: Yes, well, I mean, he is implementing this with only three business days left in his term as mayor as though his ride off into the sunset couldn’t come soon enough. Now, we have this to worry about.

But this essentially is a bid to be relevant in an otherwise quick solid bid for Governor as though people in Schenectady didn’t have newspapers and couldn’t read about the bang up job he has been doing.

But look, I’m optimistic. I hope Eric Adams can reverse this literally three days after this goes into effect because Adams can be the type of mayor who wants to bring back jobs and revitalize a post-pandemic city or you can be the type of mayor that goes down the rabbit holes of endless mandates and endless restrictions.

You can’t be both of those things and I hope Adams chooses wisely.

CARLSON: I mean for political reasons, there is zero evidence that forcing people to take an injection helps the public health in any way. There is some countervailing evidence that is really not a good idea and of course, it’s a massive attack on core civil liberties. Is this actually popular in New York?

BORELLI: I don’t think it is popular and more importantly, I don’t think it is legal. The mayor of New York is not a dictator. The Health Commissioner can’t bust down the door of an insurance company and round up people at the water cooler.

So I don’t know if this withstands the legal challenges that myself and other allies around the city will bring.

Unfortunately though, it does force to the table a choice that many private employers are going to have to have and that is whether to stay in New York. If this is the direction that people are going to continue to move in, our government leaders, then again you have to ask yourself why would private employers want to stay in New York City?

This is a frustration, Tucker, and I don’t know when it ends.

CARLSON: Do you think — and I’m not a conspiracy nut, but it’s possible that Ron DeSantis is paying him to do this.

BORELLI: Ron DeSantis should be, you know dancing the Irish jig somewhere in West Palm Beach that more New Yorkers want to come there. I have my wife probably watching now begging me, showing me condos in in Dade County, Miami, Broward.

I mean, unfortunately that’s just the reality for so long. Between eight years of Bill de Blasio and a decade of Andrew Cuomo, it’s easy to be optimistic that a new mayor is coming, but it’s hard to really digest how bad things have gotten.

CARLSON: That’s really — that’s really true. Man, I hope you stay. The city needs you.

BORELLI: I’ll try.

CARLSON: Joe Borelli, City Councilman, thanks so much for coming on tonight. Appreciate it.

BORELLI: Thank you.

CARLSON: So as predicted, that suspension was in fact a firing, Chris Cuomo is gone. He defended his brother, that’s his crime. But what about the dwarf king? He still reigns at CNN for a little while anyway. What did he know exactly and how has he escaped punishment?

If Chris Cuomo was doing it, the Dwarf King really didn’t know? We have details.

And apparently, according to our producers, you can go shopping on our website, Christmas shopping, or whatever, tuckercarlson.com is the place. Look at that.


CARLSON: So last week, they suspended Chris Cuomo and then of course, over the weekend, they fired him because that’s always the way they do it and they did it not for his actual sins, but because of his mafia-like commitment to his family, which was by far the best thing about Chris Cuomo. It was his one redeeming quality, that’s why they fired him.

The question is, what about the people who remain? And in particular the dwarf king who runs CNN. So he is frantically telling you he had no idea. He had no idea that Chris Cuomo was helping his brother. I didn’t know they were in the mafia.

But Chris Cuomo in a pretty subtle way is pushing back against that, so his spokesman issued a statement this weekend and he said that Jeff Zucker and Chris Cuomo and we are quoting, “widely known to be extremely close and in regular contact.” There were no secrets about this.

Now at stake is about reportedly about 18 million bucks in salary that Cuomo says he is owed, CNN says we’re never going to pay him a dime of that because he helped his brother. How exactly does the dwarf king get out of this unscathed?

Vince Coglianese has been watching really carefully. He is the host of “The Vince Coglianese Show” in Washington, which is excellent. He joins us tonight.

Hey, Vince, so how does Zucker get out of this one?

VINCE COGLIANESE, RADIO SHOW HOST: I don’t know that he does actually. I’m not sure that he is quite out of the clear yet. At the moment, you’re right, the details here are very suggestive that Jeff Zucker is in for a nightmare back and forth because when Chris Cuomo’s spokesman says, yes they have an intimate relationship and then we see this additional news today that Chris Cuomo is now suing CNN for the balance of his contract.

By the way $ 6 million a year? I didn’t know you could get $ 500,000.00 a viewer, that’s incredible. But you have this lawsuit now.

This is Chris Cuomo sending a clear signal, I’ve got the goods, I’ve got the receipts, I’ve got the text messages. I’ve got the e-mail. You better settle up quickly, CNN, or this is about to get very uncomfortable.

CARLSON: Well okay, so you’re — let me ask you a political question. You host a show in Washington. You’re very fluent in politics, so Jeff Zucker, hard as it is to believe, always has wanted to run for office. Apparently, he had his eyes on the Mayor of New York. It has been reported repeatedly.

Chris Cuomo’s brother was the Governor of New York. So as long as Chris Cuomo’s brother was Governor, it was pretty good to have Chris Cuomo around if you have political ambitions in the State of New York.

Once he is gone, like why have the steroid guy on your channel? That’s kind of my theory.

COGLIANESE: Yes, the upside to keeping Chris Cuomo around has disappeared. If the one reason you like having him around is access to the most powerful Democrat in New York, remember Andrew Cuomo in his time as Governor of New York would routinely threaten people within his own party if they stepped out of line.

We saw that come into play when the nursing home scandal grew and of course during the sexual harassment-sexual assault scandals. He was threatening Democrats in the state. This is — that’s very much the same kind of idea here.

You need Andrew Cuomo on your side, so you keep Chris Cuomo around. It’s like when the Clinton Foundation donations collapsed after Hillary Clinton wasn’t usable anymore. I mean, Chris Cuomo is kind of the Clinton Foundation of the Cuomo family.

CARLSON: Well, that’s such a great analogy, but why do we act like the people who run CNN and work there are journalists or para-journalists or in the kind of same constellation of journalists?

I mean, they are political actors like literally the dwarf king wants to run for office. Why don’t we say that more often?

COGLIANESE: Yes, we should and this is why the whole idea that Chris Cuomo violated their standards is one of the most laughable elements to the story. Like, oh my goodness, Chris Cuomo is opinionated and corrupt.

Well, like as if that is some sort of breaking news to the country that is aware of Chris Cuomo. I do have one element of the story that I think is super interesting.

David Zaslav who is the CEO of Discovery was in the meetings last week when they decided to suspend Chris Cuomo and then subsequently, you know, so you have TimeWarner and Discovery, they are in this big merger right now. And subsequently, we saw Brian Stelter, the eunuch go on air and claim that Cuomo might be back within a few weeks.

I am starting to think Jeff Zucker is being cut out of the conversations because he got fired on Saturday, Discovery is really concerned about how the government is going to let them handle this merger and Zucker may be shown the exit pretty soon here.

CARLSON: Just, it does look that way, and for whatever it is worth, and I am not in charge off programming at CNN unfortunately, but I would put the eunuch in at nine o’clock. I think America is calling out for that, so I am rooting for that.

COGLIANESE: Yes, they’ve got to try something at this point. Anything.

CARLSON: It is so good. Vince Coglianese, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

COGLIANESE: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, an evolutionary biologist called Colin Wright was attacked, kind of destroyed actually for defending biological sex, the idea that there are men and there are women. He has seen it up close, he believes science is being completely corrupted by politics, what an interesting person he is.

We are going to talk to him next.


CARLSON: You think you’re bewildered right now. Imagine being an evolutionary biologist, an actual evolutionary biologist, someone who studies biology including sex differences. Imagine what that must be like?

Well, Colin Wright is actually an evolutionary biologist and he has watched what has happened over the past five years in bewilderment. But he also has the ability to describe very precisely and non-politically what is happening. We had an amazing conversation for more than an hour. Here’s part of it.


COLIN WRIGHT, EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGIST: When I started criticizing what I view as pseudoscience in the realm of biological sex, people saying that sex is a spectrum, that sex is a social construct, and that we can’t talk about males and females, but just sort of degrees of maleness and femaleness. You know, to me, this is just complete pseudoscience.

But when I started writing actual articles about this, it turns out that I wasn’t being told I was just merely wrong for this, I was being told that I’m also a bigot and a transphobe, and that, you know, even they trotted out claims of being a white supremacist, and all this stuff just for making what I thought was probably the most boilerplate claims they can make as a negative of science.

CARLSON: So let me ask you about that, so you assumed that this was a noncontroversial observation.


CARLSON: In your years of studying social spiders and other insects and solitary arachnids, and all the rest, was there any question that biological sex was real and that it played an integral role in the evolution of the species?

WRIGHT: Oh, absolutely. So a lot of the same scientists who would call me a transphobic or something for criticizing a lot of ideology that’s coming out in the realm of sex. When you look at their academic literature, they’re studying sex differences in certain other animals and flies in a meadow voles and things like that, and you read their articles, and they have no problem talking about male and female meadow voles or male and female flies.

But when they come — when it comes to humans, they have almost just like sealed this in this little ideological box where you can’t talk about sex in the same way with humans as you can about literally any other species on Earth. And this is just, you know, something I would try to point out, but there was this major pushback that seems to be just sort of couched in this language of social justice that, you know, we need to kind of talk about these terms in really vague ways, because we’re going to offend somebody if we —

CARLSON: Are there transgender meadow voles?

WRIGHT: Not to my knowledge. I don’t even know how you would measure something like that. I mean, you can look at maybe certain animals in the Animal Kingdom that might be males that might behave in a more stereotypically female way, but these are behaviors and this doesn’t determine their sex.

It’s just — you know, there is a distributions of behavior between males and females of all species, and there are some overlap in the way they behave, and sometimes even in the way they can look and their different secondary sex characters.

But those don’t determine an animal’s sex, those are just sort of correlated with sex. So, that’s something that gets conflated a lot. The whole debate on sex.

CARLSON: And sex is not incidental to the progress of evolution — it is that — I mean, it’s kind of — it’s how the species reproduce, right?

WRIGHT: Yes, I mean, it depends on the species. So, you have a lot of species that can be — they reproduce asexually. And then you know, there are plenty of species that have sex, sometimes they’ll change their reproductive strategy depending on the situation or the environment.

But for just about every single mammal, reptiles, many plants, they have the system of having two sexes — males and females, and this really isn’t a controversial thing.


CARLSON: We talk to so many political figures, it’s nice to speak for over an hour with a man who studies arachnids and ask his view of what kids are being taught. His name is Colin Wright.. What an impressive person.

It is on “Tucker Carlson Today” right now. You can go to foxnation.com.

As we speak, by the way, the neocons in Washington are edging us closer to war with Russia. That could actually happen. We’re going to tell you exactly what is happening, so at least you know if it does happen what it actually means. There is going to be a lot of lying come up. That’s tomorrow.

We will be here 8:00 PM. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Sean Hannity.

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